Lac Majeau x Morden 6910

This 3 month old seedling is the result of crossing Lac Majeau x Morden 6910 made last summer. It’s a nice surprise and I didn’t expect to see so much similarity with Morden 6910. Glad to also see that Lac Majeau has left its mark in the center. Fingers crossed for a few more petals, maybe when next year blooms!? Definitely a rose for my 2023 list of crosses.
212M Lac Majeau x M6910 9656.JPG

Congratulations on your success with 6910 … well done!!!

Fingers crossed Lac Majeau hardness in there. 6910’s cane growth structure sure seems to be showing.

Now l need to defrost 6910 pollen, and dabb L83 with it - moving away from full hardy potential with that cross but now l’ve seen visual proof if 6910s ability, can’t resist late season try for repeater.

Thanks Riku,
I already have several seedlings with Lac Majeau which are very hardy, I don’t think there will be any problems with hardiness. And you are right about the structure that looks like Morden 6910, to be continued… Good luck with L83, very interesting!

Someone should inform HMF the size traits of Lac Majeau for their areas. I noticed it was missing. I grew a relation of it once, Marie Bugnet, but I have a feeling MB is smaller in habit.

Bonjour Pacificjade,
Here are some characteristics of my Lac Majeau plant. It is nearly 5 feet tall, the stems are grayish and 90% spineless, and no disease. It is very floriferous and slightly remontant. It is very fruitful and a very good seed producer. I got several seedlings that are not very spiny and even some completely spineless. On the other hand, I had less luck with its pollen but I continue to do tests. It is a trouble-free and superb white rose.

Hi Andre,

The below rose is a supposed to be a cross of mine of Prairie Dawn x ? M6910 ? Has not bloomed as of today.

Question l have, is have you tried Prairie Dawn and found it produces early tall seedlings?

The ? ? means not sure it crossed with 6910. I don’t see anything to date in structure or form except tall in my opinion so if hand held to fire l would vote likely selfie/OP. Looks more like PD cane structure and form.

Todays photo (being potted for mobility). It is 16 months from germination. It had 1 winter outside in ground (completely hardy) as plot transplanted outside July 2021.

Todays height 30 inches.

My mother plant been a strong grower of tree quality. My mother plant is 15 years old and an easy 12 feet.

Bonjour Riku,
Wow! a 12 foot Prairie Dawn plant! The one I had several years ago never got taller than 5 feet. I made a few crosses that didn’t yield anything interesting and I eliminated the plant that was really too susceptible to black spot. I think your seedling (even if OP), which is very hardy and vigorous (already 30 inches), could make a good mother plant with the legacy of your vigorous Prairie Dawn. To be continued!

Hi Andre,

Txs for ur experience. I will be saving the seedling as stock. Need more hardy in the north facing backyard yard gardens. Its first bloom, when it shows will be the final arbitrator of a self, or crossed OP or planned cross.

Still blooming from new summer growth at top. As for the dreaded BS, l ve never noticed it on the rose … one of the benefits of my climate. Strange as Prairie Yourh seems to be susceptible to yellowing leaf loss soon after bloom finished. Not My Prairie Dawn.

Using aggressive landscaping sculpturing l prune to no more than three good canes every now and then and move crown up to let sunlight to smaller landscape variety underplanted roses. Also know as cheating to get more rose varieties in limited square footage.

This morning, using a step ladder and an official “Lufkin” umpire, l measured it from sidewalk - raised bed bricking and soil top has been increased over a decade since planted in 2007 (from master list, not sketchy memory) , and by 12”, by adding “yellow bags”.

My eye ball measurement was high by 20%.

Its 10’ 2 inches from top of sidewalk. Or 9’ 2” removing the added bricking and soil.

It present well as bloom tower and dominate over shorter roses, even though in the background.

Also re-crossed with 6910 as can’t resist ignoring long cane result.