L83 seedlings to give away

As mentioned in the OP L83 thread I have several hundred L83 hybrids in this year’s crop and I cannot keep them all until they flower; I simply don’t have the space to grow them all to blooming size. If anyone wants to volunteer some garden space to grow a few of these for themselves, I will ship some for the cost of mailing. They are currently all in 3" pots, so shipping won’t be very costly.

I have two crosses that I have excess numbers of: Golden Angel X L83 and the other is “a proprietary red shrub” of my own creation X L83. The Golden Angel cross is an attempt to introduce yellow coloring into hardier, more disease free shrubs. The red breeder I used produces large clusters of red, scented blooms on a very vigorous (upright) bush and it often passes on good color and fragrance to its progeny. Hopefully some decent free-blooming reds will result.

If you are interested, please email me privately and state the maximum number of plants you can accommodate. I encourage growers in cold climates to accept plants before warm climate growers, as these are to be monitored for improved Winter hardiness.

I would be willing to grow out some of your seedings. Would they be hardy in zone 4?


The idea behind using L83 is to instill Winter hardiness in the seedlings, but you will be the one determining which of these inherits the hardiness genes. :slight_smile:

Yes, I still would be interested in some of your seedlings. I’m not able to e-mail you through the forum. I’ll include my e-mail address to make arrangements. It’s beck0485@tc.umn.edu

Paul, the plants arrived today in very good shape. Thank you very much.

Same here Paul. What healthy looking plants they are! Thanks so much.


These have all been extraordinarily strong plants with great foliage and vigorous growth. Good luck, and I hope you find something useful in these.


The foliage is wonderful both for the coloring and health. I will keep you posted on what happens with these. Thank you again.