L83 pollen coming available.

If anyone wants L83 pollen, I have it available for the next few weeks. Let me know.

paul at agora dot rdrop dot com

Received your L83 pollen today. Thank you. Now I just have to figure out what I want to put it on.


Seriously, since its a tetraploid, work it on any other tetraploids, and bear in mind most of what you will get will be pinks. So choose a seed parent that is likely to bring strong coloring into the mix.

I would love to try it on Gold Busch but I just got it this year so it might not work. But I could pollinate several other things and down the road cross it to Gold Busch. I would also like to cross baby love with it but Baby Love is a horrible seed parent. I must have planted 200 seeds to get three poor seedlings. But I could cross the better L83 descendants with the better Baby Love descendants later on.

But the three roses that I am really sure I want to use on it are Rise n’ Shine, Oklahoma and Iceberg. I know Rise n’ Shine tends to produce pale seedlings and I figure at the most the only thing I will get is a stepping stone. Oklahoma I really like the color and I like how it changes colors as it ages. I know a lot of people would be appalled at the suggestion. I hate the bush of this plant and I am not a super fan of hybrid tea form. Plus it is horrible for powdery mildew. But in the end I do not think I will use Oklahoma because their is so much downside with this plant. Iceberg would not breed strong colors I think but I like the plant form even though it can look weird sometimes. Plus it may not be disease resistant but in may areas it seems to live with diseases instead of dieing off.