This floribunda is known as ‘Cathedral City’ where I live…it makes a stunning very floriferous red/orange accent as a mass planting, all season long.

Has anyone here used it in breeding?

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.22867.1

From Kordes rozen site its BS resistance is about average that is low without spraying in our conditions.

Domstadt Fulda breeder W. Kordes

Pierre!..yes I like the color of ‘Gebruder Grimm’ very much also…I have not seen GG in person yet, but it is available locally…

I can vouch for Gebruder Grimm being very vigorous and also very bright. Of my new bareroots this year (this one from Palatine on multiflora rootstock), it took off the earliest and strongest and came out the holes in the bottom of the 5 gallon pot (and anchored itself to the ground) in about 3 months. I really like it.


Does anyone know how fertile this one is?

Sorry…I meant to specify 'Gebr

It (GG) will act as a female but I never got more than a couple seeds to germinate. After several seasons of this I decided to use it as a male this year.

Thanks for the reply Julie. Are you seeing much hip set using GG as a male parent this season?

There are a few hips developing from use of GG pollen but not a lot. However, GG did not bloom until the bulk of my hybridizing was done. Also, the pollen was used on several seedlings that were untried as females and I was uncertain of their fertility.

I don’t want to discourage you from trying Gebruder Grimm as a female. Hip set is actually pretty good. The main problem was that there was very little germination, even after 6 months of stratification. This pattern was consistent for me for several years–I always hoped that the next year things would be better. It is very possible that someone else in another location and climate might have better luck germinating the seeds.

Thank you Julie for your observations. I’m planning what new plants I’ll use for breeders next season and you’ve been very helpful. It sure is a pretty bloom and apparently so very healthy.

GG did not bloom until the bulk of my hybridizing was done

Mine did the same thing. I had the first bloom on June 29 which coincides with R. wichuraiana here so it’s pretty evident where that habit comes from. I’ve been freezing pollen for use next season on account of this but you don’t get a lot because of the petal count.

Don, I’m glad to hear that your experience echoes mine. Have you been able to get any seedlings yet or is the plant new for you? I really like the rose but I am on the fence about keeping it, although one nice seedling could change things.

Julie, I do have one hip on it, from a cross with a hybrid wichuraiana - go figure. I struck out with Scarlet Moss, Won Fang Yon and roxburghii normalis pollen. I pollinated roxburghii and wichuraiana with it and neither took.

I think it is worth persisting with it based on the fact that it comes out of Kordes program. The trick is having pollen at hand when you need it.

KORplunblo sold as Planten und Blomen was just awarded the 2011 Golden Rose of The Hague (top award).

With a similar flower and a more compact plant than Gebruder Grimm. I do not grow it but Kordes desease rating is the best.


KORplunblo looks like one I’d like to work with. Too bad it’s not available in the US yet. In addition to health I’m looking for compact size and fertility.

I think a lot of the newer Kordes floribundas are homely, but they have nice plants w/ nice foliage. I did use Gelber Engel pollen this season. I think it took.

I planted GG last winter as a bare root, and according to my notes, made the first pollination 29.6. All the eight pollinations I made, took . I put Crepuscule, Comte de Chambord and Big Purple, but none of selfs has taken. Hopefully it gives at least some germination. The color of the blooms is nearly fluorescent, really impressive.