Kordesii in warmer climates

I am very impressed with R. kordesii. It has all the qualities that I want, except the flower color, and produces a lot of pollen. Kordesii has been struggling in my garden, but that is only because the terrible position I’ve put it. If I placed it in a better place I know it will thrive very well. I think there is more potential for this rose in warmer climates to create truly disease resistant roses with thicky shiny foilage. I know it’s been used to create hardy roses, but I think it would be very intresting to cross kordesii with other glossy leaved floribundas, hybrid teas and mini roses. It would be intresting to see results with tender roses such as tea and china roses… Before I went to school today, I did a few intresting crosses with The Pearl hybrid banksia, Puerto Rico found rose. I also did one cross with Scarlet Moss. I do hope that The Pearl X R. kordesii take… it is a very intresting cross. Tigris is about to bloom, it would be very intresting to cross it with kordesii.

I think that’s a good idea. Could also try it with noisettes, although I think youve stated that youre short on room.