I think I mentioned last spring that Rainbow KO is very pollen fertile. Its selfs are very boringly like the parent. Double KO produces more hips than KO (so does RKO) and gives better germination in my recent experience. I’ll give details when the germination season is over. The OP fertility of these is very low on a hips/flower basis, perhaps 1/25-1/100, with <2 seeds/hip av, and germ below 10 %. Not good odds.

It really is too bad we do not apparently have Double KO this part of the world. DKO sounds the go!

If anyone has any double KO OP seed they are happy to part with, I am a willing recipient :0)


gvarden at bigpond dot net dot au

George, Treloars is selling DKO and others… I’ve ordered it myself.

Oh really??


thanks for letting me know DKO is finally available here!!

I will purchase one.

How does Double KO comapre with KO for disease resistance (PM, DM, rust, BS)?

comapre = compare

Theyre identical here, but that doesnt mean anything universally.


(I can’t resist)showing off todays’ bloom on a two year old KO seedling?

Lovely colour. What was the other parent?

Oklahoma. I call it ‘Kook’. I have seven young seedlings from it right now (from the first year!)- it’s going to be my “Charlotte Armstrong” for the next few years. I have a really long list of roses that I wish to cross with it.

So was your Kook cross OK x KO or was it done the reverse way?

Great looking seedling Jon! Did the disease resistance come though?!

Jim Sproul

Knockout was the seed parent. KO x OK. Last fall I had 15 blooms on the final flush (which was double the previous flush). This spring I counted thirty buds (it doubled again). So it’s consistently growing spray free I guess.

It’s not completely spot free. If you look closely you might see a little on a few leaves. It’s on old foliage from last year that didn’t drop (even though we had teens this last winter). It has better disease resistance and branching than Oklahoma. Most of the foliage on it now is new and hasn’t had time to thicken or darken.

Jon have you also used double KO? Any feedback on that one?

No, I came very close to purchasing it last year but purchased Sunny KO instead. I will probably end up getting it eventually.

BTW, I guess I was being a bit too optimistic. I carefully recounted and there’s only 17 buds on that KO seedling.

Also; for the record, I had to spray Sunny KO a few weeks ago because it was starting to spot… I still like the fragrance.

I dont like Sunny Knock Out. The fade is awful and its not as healthy as other yellow landscape shrubs. The habit is nice though. Yesterday, I bought Sunny Vigorosa, which seems to be some light pink wichurana type x a yellow HT. Its probably triploid, much like the others Knock Out, Flower Carpet, and Vigorosa types, but maybe its pollen is viable. If Therese Bugnet wasnt such a seed parent gamble, I’d put it on that, lol.