K nockout rootstock.

I really hate to ask this after David’s genetic lesson! I had two ‘Knockout’ roses which were growing in whisky barrels for a couple years. They were moved and I noticed several little roses sprouting up around where the barrels had been. I thought they must be ‘Kockout’ seedlings and went to dig them up. They turned out to be sprouting off peices of root so I’m assuming they are rootstock suckers. I’m wondering what rootstock they are and if there is any reason to keep them, for bud grafting for example? Thanks for any thoughts, Robyn

Robyn, a lot of the Knockout roses are on their own roots, so maybe those are little plants of Knockout. If they bloom this year, you’ll know.


Thanks Peter, since the plants are gone, I couldn’t check to see if they were own root or not. Robyn

What company are the plants from?

Jadae, They were purchased from a reputable nursery north of Seattle. I gave the plants away so don’t have access to the tags. As Peter suggests, I’ll stick them in the ground and see what happens. Thanks! Robyn

Robyn, That is really great. Years ago Randy Hughes and I wrote an article on root cuttings and that there may be a higher potential for finding sports from root cuttings (new shoots need to be formed from root tissue which is derived from typically Layer III of the original plant). That would be great if these are from Knockout and you find some color sports. Are the plants in active growth? Hopefully it won’t take long if it is from Knockout to see flower buds and know it isn’t ‘Dr. Huey’.

Sincerely, David

David, I feel MUCH better about asking such a dumb question! The sprouts are in active growth, some very small and some a couple feet long . I tossed them into a wheelbarrow that had some manure and rainwater. Should I cut them apart (the root sections) and plant them individually? They also had some frost damage so should I tip them or just let them be? It would be really fun to have a sport from them! I had a white sport on climbing mini ‘Jeanne Lajoie’ a year ago or so and Denis Konsmo came up and took the cuttings. I need to find out if he got it to do something. I havn’t pruned JL since at all, hoping it will sport again. Thanks :slight_smile: Robyn

Thanks for all the info on Knockout. I have a couple of red Knockout’s from about 2000. I will be watching them much closer.