It turns out that Heirloom does not have Golden Gardens but they did have Joycie, though the young lady I ordered it from didn’t know how many were left.

Heirloom is at 800-820-0465.

Their stock in the nursery and mail-order is different. Also, their stock changes with the wind. Their a great business, but they have horrible sytemization.

So do you think I need to be concerned? I had emailed them throught thier website and called after Laurel answered my note. The girl on the phone wasn’t Laurel though.

Uhm, I’ll check in person this week some day after work. I need to go there anyways.


If they took your order for it, then I expect they have it in stock. Glad you were able to locate it!


Help!!! My daughter Adair came home to find that one of her yard crew had taken a weed wacker to her new roses. Four of them are completely gone from above the ground. They were own root roses. Is there any hope they may come back from the roots? I did not have much experience with own root roses – it seems to be a more popular trend today than in my day. She was in tears, because while she has a crew to take care of her lawn and garden, she did all of the work of planting and caring for her new roses herself – a lot of work for a 90 pound girl with a shattered wrist digging holes and lugging 40 pound sacks of dirt around the yard. Some of the roses were Ralph Moore creations that are now sold out and unavailable. I know there is no guarantee, but is there at least a hope they might come back from the roots? Should she keep watering their little “graves.” Sorry to bother everyone with this non-forum problem, but y’all have been so kind and encouraging and I didn’t know where else to turn for advice

Congratulations Don on finding Joycie. I’ll see if Heirloom has any extra, but if there are not any I think I have worked out an arrangement to foot the cost of the regulatory hassels to get some shipped from an otherwise non-shipping non-permitted source. Many thanks. Bob Williams

If you look at the base of the plants, even if you must dig with your fingers, look for little buds at the base of the plant. Hopefully there are some, so there is hope.

Jadae: I will pass your kind advice on to Adair. thank you. Bob Williams

If it’s just the tops that were cut off, chances are they will grow back.

In terms of my murdered little roses, do you think it would be a good idea for me to very very carefully dig them up (the holes I had dug for them are huge, and they’ve only been in the ground a few weeks, so I don’t think the roots wll have had a chance to grow beyond the original holes dug) and plant them in pots for a little while so they’re safer and I can give them extra attention more easily?

thank you so very much!

I’d just leave them be at this point. It does help to establish small sized roses in larger containers before placing them in the ground.

Jadae & Robert Neil Rippetoe: Good news. There are signs that all of Adair’s weed wacked roses are coming back. Thanks for advice not to give up on them. Many thanks. Regards: Bob Williams

Congratulations to you and Adair Robert. I’m not surprised. Roses are surprisingly resilient when given a chance.

Sometimes they grow back bigger and better than ever.

Heirlooms had 4 Joycie’s this week. I bought one. It is REALLY neon. Im amazed that no one has crossed it with an HT to create an exhibition orange mini-flora. I dont really like minifloras, but there is a void for one.

Joycie kinda reminds me of one of my first ever minis – Dee Bennett. It was compact, sturdy and neon like Joycie. The form is way different tho :slight_smile:

This is the fault of all of you btw. I didnt really even want a mini, but you all rave about this one so much that I had to give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not too keen on the Gold Badge lineage, but Brass Band was okay for me… They actually have really similar lineage!

Joycie: [(Little Darling x Yellow Magic) x Gold Badge]

Brass Band: (Gold Badge x Holy Toledo).

I should probably use Joycie with Rosa virginiana or something like All the Rage.

“Im amazed that no one has crossed it with an HT to create an exhibition orange mini-flora”

I crossed 'Joycie" with ‘Jocelen’ and got a mini-flora, not exhibition form, but it’s bright!


Jadae, I used Joicie with R. Fedtschenkoana this year, have over 100 hips of Joycie X R. Fedtschenkoana. Can’t wait to see what happens. Joycie is not that disease resistant here on the Gulf Coast but it does take just about any pollen and blooms its head off. I have had two for a few years now but never really crossed it with anything worthwhile. I am making cuttings to get some more and putting them in pots to use them as seed parents.


I saw your hybrid, Robert! I like it. I was thinking more orange like uh…Caribbean or New Year (blends with gold). Although I would to see an orange-red true shrub in full bloom some day. That’d be like a Chinese New Year ahaha.

Patrick, I worried about blackspot with it. Minis are notoriously bs prone here. But it is also super easy for me to weed out bs prone seedlings, too :slight_smile:

Thanks Jadae, the color is very color saturated. It’s hard to photograph.

I was happy to get anything out of ‘Jocelen’. It’s not the easiest parent.

Vigor is good. It’s over 2’ tall in it’s first year and appears to be at least pollen fertile.

I’ve got a Joycie x Hybrid Tea seedling that will blossom soon. I’ll try to post a photo when it does.