'Jon Singer' and a new Tuscany Superb seedling.

I planted this seedling in exactly the wrong place. Some suckers planted in the right place produced this! Ooo! It fades to a smoky mauve just the way ‘Veilchenblau’ does, and has a nice fragrance as well.

And here’s a seedling of ‘Tuscany Superb,’ most likely a self. It shows a hint that future flowers will be darker. The flower is 12 cm in diameter, not bad for a first bloom.

Very Nice Fara. I like all the dots on the first one.

The first one looks like Alain Blanchard! Very nice. I fell into that picture … .

Would be interesting how this pattern develops on the petals. ;-



So beautiful. Congratulations.

Fara, that first one is really great. I love the photo too.

Jim Sproul

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Here’s another one for your viewing pleasure. This one is ‘Capitaine John Ingram’ x “Fa’s Marbled Moss” (gotta get Jon to officially name that rose). There are only a few spots (there seem to be more of these spots as the plants mature) at the moment, but the purple edges to them are interesting. The plant is very mossy and there are plenty of buds.

Nice. Good to see someone producing once-bloomers.