'Jeri Jennings' as a parent?

Has anyone used Paul Barden’s Jeri Jennings as a parent either way and can share their experience with this one? What a pretty yellow color and bloom form.


It won’t make seeds, Rob. It does have pollen, but I have not used it. Try it and see what happens. The shrub has great form, vigor, ease of propagation and abundance of bloom. See if it passes those traits on!

Hello Paul. I don’t have this one yet but saw it on the Rogue Valley Rose site and loved the look of the bloom form and the color. I think I’ll order it and try it as a pollen parent as you suggested. Thanks for the reply.

Hey Rob even if you don’t use it for pollen it is worth getting. I planted mine early last Fall and it is taking off now. I really like the bush form. I got rid of Buff Beauty to make rooom for Jeri and I am surprized how the fragrance is almost identical.


Thank you Patrick. I’m already looking to see what I’ll pull to make room for this one. It’s on order now and hope to get it early next week.

I can send you some pollen if you want, Rob.

That would be excellent Paul! Thank you for the offer. My address is:

Rob Byrnes

108 Third Ave.

Roebling, NJ 08554

Thanks again for the offer.



I received your package of JJ pollen and have started using it right away. Thank you very much. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it works as a pollen parent and that some nice yellow show up. Thank you again.



I just wanted to report that unlike the usual 8-12" plants that I’ve received in 3x3x6 pots from most sellers, Rogue Valley Rose sent me a plant of JJ that is about 2 1/2 feet tall with buds and very healthy. I was truly impressed.

Ain’t that nice when you recieve a plant that is grown well. I will have to make a note of rougue valley nursery. Recently i recieved some miniature roses from a mail order nursery that where all small and pathetic. I hate when that happens.

I would order from them again.

Good luck with that pollen, Rob. If you need more, let me know. I have no idea if its fertile or not, I’ve never tried it. Perhaps I will, on Westerland.


Thank you Paul. I’m hoping it will work as a pollen parent. I’m thinking triploid? Thank you also for the offer of more pollen but the JJ plant I bought came with nice buds so I will be able to obtain pollen this week.

On a side note, how is Dragon’s Blood as a parent either way? I love the color of this one. Thank you.



‘Dragon’s Blood’ is turning out to have some merit as a breeder. It tends to pass on strong color and large panicles.

Excellent Paul. Thank you. Rogue Valley is out of stock but when they get it back in stock I’ll order one.

Want pollen, Rob?

That would be excellent Paul. Thank you. Do you need my address again?


No, thanks…you posted it in this thread :wink:

Oops. LOL Thanks Paul.

Rob and Adam:

Amen. I just got back into roses this spring along with my daughter, Adair. My first order with Rogue Valley was so successful that I have placed three more orders since then, the latest due to arrive tomorrow. They send me a news letter, the latest of which alerted me to the availability of Sericea Pteracantha which I can’t wait to get tomorrow along with a Jerri Jennings a Dalow’s Enigma and who knows what else I bought in a moment of weakness. I would be loading up on more Incantations but they are always sold out – get one and you’ll know why.

Bob of New Orleans, currently in North Carolina.