At the moment, I am experimenting on what happens when you culture fresh seed in the jar after it is extracted from the fresh achene. If this is successful, it means the whole second step of inner-seed-coat extraction can be done away with altogether!

The simpler the better!

Currently, I have a few such seeds (Iceberg x OP) culturing away in ‘jar culture’.

I will report the outcome in due course, for any of you that may be interested in this.

Hi George

I sure hope this works for you, that second step of trying to get the embryo out of the seed coat is really a tough one to do. I was thinking of doing it like you have there but very, very gently also cutting a little slit along the side of it to assist it in coming out more easily on its own.

Also I have been washing my jars in the dishwasher but will use the bleach solution also.

Thank you so much for all the great info you are sharing, its great!

I wonder,

I’ve been practicing this on openly pollinated Pride of Oakland seeds.

Can’t get it right, extracting them…

But I wonder… what if I just nick them deep enough to the embryo… but otherwise leave the seed coat on.

and then plant them as normal.

I was thinking of doing it like you have there but very, very gently also cutting a little slit along the side of it to assist it in coming out more easily on its own<<<

Hey Jeanie.

A percentage of your seed coats will already have mico-abrasions of their seed coat, not easily seen upon dislodgment of the seed. This damage happens even when you are careful not to do damage to the seed with the box-cutter blade.

The micro-abrasions are the best thing that can happen, as already I can tell you some of my jar-cultured seed already has embryos escaping from such seed-coat defects!

I have a hunch that un-touched seed (post blade extraction) may have sufficient ‘micro-damage’ already there, to make any further seed-coat extraction unnecessary…

Let’s see what happens in the next few days…I’ll let you know!

Enrique, of course you can plant the seed and even plant the bare embryo ‘as normal’…

I have planted seed extracted with the box cutter and with no cutting of their seed coat, (as well also planted bare embryo) in seed-raising mix, with all the nasty bugs it contains… and germinations occured. Usually the germinations take 10-14 days, sometimes it takes a little longer. Certainly by 4 weeks no more germinations can be expected…

I used to do this, but realised I was losing too many of my precious subjects this way, so I went on to develop the jar culturing, and since then I have not lost one single seed. Culture in a jar is simple anyway.

The major obstacle really is in the seed coat extractions… let’s see how many of the seeds with all their seed coat untouched germinate in the jar sitting in front of me now… needs a few more days!!

Enrique, also, if you just go ahead and plant the whole achene with a bit sliced out of it (exposing embryo), in most cases, you will not get anywhere near the rapid results achieved with seed extraction or embryo extraction.

Enrique, just to clarify, when I write “seed coat”, I am referring to the inner seed coat of the rose seed, after it has been completely extracted from the achene… I do not culture achenes or partially sliced achenes.