It's that time again! HELP!

In the Spring issue of the Newsletter, the symposium topics announced for the Summer issue (yep, that’s the one that’s supposed to be mailed about June 1) included:

  • Beginner’s Luck (tips for those who are starting hybridizing, and stories by those who have only recently begun hybridizing)

  • Hip Loss (keeping hips from dropping after a “take”).

In addition, in the Editor’s Note I asked for people to send me information (notes or articles) about the following:

  • What you have found best to plant your seedlings in. This includes medium, pots, etc. Naturally, we’d like to know where you get your stuff so that others can get stuff there too if it’s not easily available in local nurseries.

  • Coir. This is a planting medium made from coconut fibers. My experience has not been 100% good. What has your experience been?

I asked for submissions of articles, notes, and questions by May 15.

That’s today.

Wanta know how many articles, notes, and questions I’ve received?

  • Articles–ZERO

  • Notes–ZERO

  • Questions–ONE (a question about whether I’d like to have an article. I hope that it will lead to an article soon.)

The RHA Newsletter depends very much on you for contributions of ideas and articles. I’m trying to maintain a regular schedule, but a regular publication schedule depends on regular submissions of articles and other materials to be published. This is a cooperative thing, so please do your part and help all of us.

If you sit down and jot down about 3 or 4 things you could say something about to help others (a way to avoid damp-off, for instance, or a better way to label plants, or a variety you think is especially good as a parent, or–something), and take a while (maybe only about an hour) to write something down, you’ll find that you have more to say than you thought you did, and you’ll probably enjoy doing it too. If you’re not a professional writer, don’t worry about it–just get the ideas down and get them to me. Once you’ve done the first part, the rest will come easily enough, and I can take care of little problems with spelling and such.

Remember, this is YOUR publication, so please send me stuff. I can’t do it without you.

Peter Harris

Some progress. Two short articles and one longer article–and a renewed promise by another person to send an article. But there’s still lots of room for your contribution.

If you’ve had any thoughts about something you could write for the Newsletter, even if only some observations about a variety or some technique that has worked for you this year, please don’t wait to get in touch with me.


Sorry for the confusion with the email address. I hope this fixes it. When I moved from Chicago to NC I had to change my ISP and email address. This should work.