Is this paper suggesting that Round-Up could be used to double chromosomes

Title: Genotoxic effect of two herbicides glyphosate and metribuzin on mitosis in Vicia faba L.

Authors: Shehata, Afaf I.; Al-Harbi, H. F.

Authors affiliation: Dept Bot and Microbiol, King Saud Univ, POB 2455, Riyadh, 11451, Saudi Arabia.

Published in: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, volumn 10, pages 138-158, (2003).

Abstract: “Cytological effects of two herbicides, Glyphosate and Metribuzin on Vicia faba L root tips were studied using lower and higher doses of these pesticides for four different duration. Reduction in mitotic index and root length were observed in two pesticides. Percentage of aberrant mitosis increased. There was a concentration and time dependent mitodepression. Different types of chromosomal aberrations were observed such as stickiness, bridges, laggards, multiple and ring chromosome and micronucleated cells. Induction of chromosomal breaks suggested clastogenic action of pesticides which increased abnormalities with increase in concentration. This indicates genotoxic level of respective pesticide.”

The description of chromosome stickiness, ring chromosomes and micronucleated cells suggests fragmentation and destruction of the cell nucleus not disruption of microtubule formation which causes chromosome doubling. Colchicine and Oryzalin (the herbicide Surflan) are the standard preparations - see link. Tissue culture concentrations seem to be about one tenth to one hundredth of the concentrations used to paint inactive buds. I think you would be wasting your time trying Round-Up.


If roundup would cause increasing chromosomes then my Rio Samba would be Billionploidy as many times as I have hurt it with roundup. It almost died last year and did it again earlier this year but not as bad and now it has recovered and I don’t see any abnormalities on it. Thank you Henry for brining all this info to us.


it said pesticide not herbicide

The paper clearly states tha Surflan is the product, not Round-Up. Surflan is a pre-emergent weed killer. Round-Up is a different chemical. Surflan is NOT a pesticide, it is an herbicide.

The article is very interesting. You should read it.

Jeffrey, I definitely would be interested in seeing a copy of the full paper. How can one obtain a copy of the paper? If they did use Surflan, then it appears that the abstract is incorrect.

Pesticide is a general word that covers a number of different “cides”. see: