Is the mystery rose really pale pink?

I’m confused about the bloom color of the Arlington House rose. The bloom in the hand is clearly white, and the foliage and hip is very like Laevigata. But I see other leaves, and the lower photos show the pale color Stefan is talking about. Are these all on one plant? Different plants? The last shot shows foliage that I wouldn’t immediately associate with Laevigata.

But I see other leaves…Are these all on one plant? Different plants?

A keen observation, but I don’t know the answer. I can’t rule out the possibility of an interloper and it would make sense.

I added another photo at the bottom of the page.


Well… maybe you ought to wait and time how long they flower.

Laevigata blooms for 3 weeks, and that’s it.

There are two distinct types of hips in the photo added at the bottom of the page. One is typical R. laevigata in shape and bristles. The other is smooth and rounder. I also overlooked something in the original post. That post is dated July 9 and states the photos were taken last week, which would mean they were taken the week of July 2. R. laevigata is a very early bloomer (as early as Feb-Mar here on the MS Gulf Coast). As Enrique pointed out above, it also has a very short bloom period. July is too late for R. laevigata to be blooming. You also would never see R. laevigata with hips that well developed and blooms on the plant at the same time because of the short bloom period. It looks to me like R. laevigata is present with another unknown rose growing through it.


I don’t agree that the bloom-in-hand is white - it appears paler than the others, but it’s still flesh-toned (you really can’t overemphasize the effect that lighting, cameras, and monitors have on colors; compare it to the coloration of the hand and I think you can tell it’s not really white).

From the other pictures, it’s clear that the uniquely laevigata-influenced hips are being formed by the plant with peach-pink petals, so they are the same. Even if this plant were a hybrid (as I think it probably is), it might well have the same flowering season as laevigata. I hadn’t thought of it before now, but is it possible this is within the range of color variations that ‘Silver Moon’ can put out? It was bred by Van Fleet, so the location would make sense.

I just took another look. Mark’s right! There ARE two roses together, and that looks more like tea foliage on the pink rose. So, mystery solved - except we don’t have a picture of the laevigata in flower, but it probably is just that.

Sorry, I meant to add, Mark AND Cass were right. :slight_smile:

mystery solved

Thank you all for the help.