Is size of seedling flower relational to mature size of flower?

If this has been covered in any prior discussions, push me in that direction. I have been noticing that there are so many different seedling bloom sizes, and these do not seem to have any relation to anything (other than genetics, perhaps), and I was wondering if there is any ultimate proportion they may reach. Obviously the plants themselves are very disproportionate to their ultimate size, but I’m seeing dainty little diminutive mini flowers on large seedlings, and also 3-4"+ flowers that topple 5" plants while still in bud, and everything in between. Again this is also an attribute of genetics, but does a seedling bloom gain 25%, double in size, or is this not possible to peg down to anything more than a generality? And what is that generality? So far in my first two attempts to get beyond seedling bloom stage, I killed my first batch, and rodents did in the second yrs. crop. The third is indeed the charm, and I can’t believe the diversity. Jackie

Hi Jackie,

You will probably get different opinions on this subject, partly due to different conditions in which new seedlings are grown. Though there is a great deal of variability in the relationship of seedling bloom size to mature bloom size, a rough rule of thumb for me is that most seedlings at least double in size. Also most gain petals (one to two rows), except for those that only have 5 petals - they usually stay at five.

Seedlings with large foliage and small blooms will usually stay that way and to me are not well balanced.

Congratulations on having a successful year!

Jim Sproul

Thank you Jim, for venturing a rough generality. Not holding anyone to generalities here, but seeing how many sizes there are in the first bloom, I wondered why I had not come across anyone’s opinion on this before. Of course the eventual size gained will vary upon maturity-even I have several of the same established mature varieties in different areas of the yard, receiving differing amounts of sun, water, and very different soil, and the variance even with the same approximate care is quite noticeable with as good a performer as Gemini, or Carefree Beauty. But knowing that they may double in size makes me look at them a bit differently than if it was to gain 20 or 25% in size. Thanks, Jackie