Is it show and tell time again?

Texas weather just remembered that it’s winter, and temps are dropping from 80 down into the 20’s over a 12 hour period.
I need some plant therapy…
Does anybody have any new(ish) babies they want to show off? (Mine thus far are the kind of babies one keeps locked in their bedrooms… I put little effort into crossing these past two years and had even less success.)

First bloom of this season is a seedling that accepted pollen from Chinook Sunrise.
This is (Lilian Austin x Lady of Shallot) x Chinook Sunrise
It doesn’t have as many petals as I would like, but did manage to carry through a light to medium strength tea scent.
I’ll see if cold hardiness carried through next winter.
18LA11xCS 02.jpg
18LA11xCS 01.jpg

Lovely little seedling, Duane!

I agree. I really like the shiny leaves and the raspberry stains on the edges of the petals. A beauty, and just what we need in this season. Are there any other baby roses out there that anyone would like to share with us so that we can feel some parental-pride-by-proxy? -Brian

Nice coloring, Duane. Crossing my fingers that it will be healthy and cold hardy, in addition to having the nice color and fragrance. Thanks.