Is Climbing Iceberg sterile

I was looking through HMF trying to come up with breeding information on my plants. Climbing Iceberg does not have descendants listed. Does this mean or infer that it is sterile?



Direct Iceberg seedlings tend to suck the first generation. I assume the same is true for the sport. I had horrid luck with Burgundy Iceberg, and never tried it again. All of the seedlings were gross.




I can’t get my icebergs (of any colour or flavour) to set hips shrugs so far everything has failed and I’ve tried ‘Iceberg’, ‘Climbing Iceberg’, ‘Blushing Pink Iceberg’, and ‘Burgundy Iceberg’ (they’ll all probably bred the same anyway).

Iceberg will occasionally set hips–but not many under most conditions. You may get better results (certainly you will get more[/u] results) if you use it as a pollen parent.

I watch Iceberg for the occasional OP hip, but I don’t spend my time or pollen making crosses on it.


I’d select one of 'Iceberg’s better offspring for breeding rather than ‘Iceberg’ itself, as ‘Iceberg’ has such poor Blackspot resistance, in my experience.

I would consider Zary’s ‘Fabulous’ instead, which has been used for breeding, with good results, or try Ping Lim’s ‘Grandma’s Blessing’, which has been tested for superior disease resistance. I wouldn’t use ‘Heritage’ myself, as it has very poor disease resistance in my climate and poor vigor here as well.


That’s a great idea Paul. Isn’t ‘Moondance’ a direct offspring of ‘Iceberg’ as well? I had a plant, but lost it in our winter. I forgot if it set hips. ‘Grandmas Blessing’ unfortunately, hasn’t performed that well here as a standard landscape rose getting infected with blackspot pretty bad and then barely making it through winter or dying. I think we need to treat it more like a typical modern rose than a low maintenance landscape rose. It is pretty though.



Too bad about ‘Grandma’s Blessing’, as Bailey’s touted it as very disease resistant. It appears it has not been much of an improvement over ‘Iceberg’ in that respect. :frowning: