Is Bayse's Thornless same as Bayse's Blueberry

Is Bayse’s Thornless same rose as Bayse’s Blueberry or are they different roses. Thank you. Sincerely. Fred

Fred, they’re different. See the search at the link below.



Peter, Thank you. I didn’t think to go to help me find. I just asked a dumb question before thinking. I appreciate your patience with a greenhorn. Sincerely, Fred

I think there’s confussion with that one. Kim said that both look the same. But there are two of them, but some how they got mixed together and now they’re interchangeable.

I don’t believe Basye’s Blueberry is confused with either of the others mentioned.

I’m sorry, I was confused… I was thinking of Basye’s Thornless versus Basye’s Legacy.

Basye’s Blueberry is a very nice rose. It has really good cane hardiness here in Minnesota for a rose developed in Texas! I enjoy mine a lot. It reblooms in the summer. The seedlings I raised from it seem to be somewhat weak and mildew prone, but it may be what I’m crossing it with.

I have an op seedling of Basye’s Thornless from Henry Kuska which I like too and is very hardy and thornless. Maybe it is a self. It doesn’t repeat bloom, but I think that is expected.



Kim Rupert crossed Joycie with Basye’s Blueberry. I like the rose a lot. It’s pollen fertile but unfortunately it’s also very prickly.