Introducing a seedling

I’m quite thrilled with this little seedling and I wanted to introduce her to you. She’s an open pollinated seedling of Bonica, now about 16 months old. Deeper color, more petals, and very frilly petals that lay beautifully, pretty green eye, floriferous and best of all, dynamite in the heat. It’s been over 106 degrees for 5 days already and the blooms are really holding well with no petal burn. Since this is primarily what I’m breeding for, I’m thrilled! This is the new “Sweet Milo.” (Sweet Milo #1 turned out to be terrible in the heat).

very nice looking flower …best of luck

It’s amazing that a rose can look that good after five days of >106 degree heat.

LOL, Jim that picture was take before the heat! In anycase, it still does look good today - of course not as fresh as the picture, but still decent.

Ok, here’s a before and after. The bottom right bloom has endured 5 full days of desert sun and >106 degrees. The day before yesterday it was 110.

The thing that I am noting and have told you before is that Bonica is notorious for fading to an ugly color in the sun and this seedlings seems not to care which is a good thing.

I agree, Jadae. Most of the Bonica seedlings either succumbed to terrible mildew early on or, as you said, the blooms faded badly. This one doesn’t. I have one other Bonica seedling that is very nice as well, with a darker stripe down the center of each petal. She doesn’t fade too badly, either.


A super nice seedling! What a bonus if it holds up well in the heat. I can imagine a lot of rosarians in your part of the country would be interested in growing this one. Hope it continues to do well for you.

Thank you, John! I sure hope so! So few roses do well in the summer here.