intoxicating scent...

I hope the pic works. This is Solitaire x Shocking Blue. It was froma random cross, hoping to infuse health into mauves. Well…it turned out to be a short climber!!! On rare occasions, Solitaire will do that. But the color was so nice-- purple w/ a white reverse. I didnt think much of it last year, but it was unique enough to keep.

It bloomed again this May. The blooms were quite large, but it was the scent that made my entire family say, “kill that one, and we’re ebaying your kidneys.” LOL! They know I’m very cull-happy, and get disappointed when any of their faves mysteriously vanish. At any rate, the scent is definitely 10/10 in power. It smells like old rose and fruit. It is absolutely intoxicating. It’s about 4.5 inches wide, which is about 1-2 inches wider that Shocking Blue.

I think I will go on e-bay and get one of your kidneys and that way maybe I can hybridize like you. That is a great looking rose not to mention the scent.


Hi Jadae,

I have used Solitaire,(McGredy) as the pollen parent and as the seed parent this year. Here in No. Calif. near Eureka it is near-disease free as anything. I’ve only had one bloom so far but all my crosses are hybrid tea parents. This year so far I have had 80 seedlings germinate. Not only is Solitaire disease free here but in researching the lineage of Solitaire, Solitaire’s grand parent is Fragrant Cloud. I feel we as amatuer hybridizers need to work diligently in getting our seedlings as clean and fragrant as we can so we might stand out in a crowd. btw: my wife is blind so for me fragrance has become increasingly desireable, although, elusive…ha ha ha.

take care,


below is one of my seedlings that was sent to ARS rose evaluation…it received a 71.5…oh well, better luck next time.


Nice Jadae, great fragrance is always welcome.

Thanks guys :smiley:

Jack, I really loved your rose on HMF. But it doesnt surprise me that an exhibition HT got a C rating. Honestly, that is pretty good. The problem is plant architecture and flouriferousness as a garden plant, which is mainly hampered by the Lynn Anderson side.

This rose is encouraging to me as I have a ton of seedlings germinating with mauve climber potential. I want to intermix enough to make a new line of both mauve climbers and mauve shrubs.

I’m working on mauves too Jadae. (among other things) Maybe some day we’ll be inlaws? :wink:

Beautiful, Jadae! If you ever get cuttings, I’ll trade you one for Madame Ichiko… assuming I ever get cuttings!


Good job! Thank goodness you didn’t toss it. Very nice.

… now why did I ever get rid of my Solitare???

I dont know why! It’s hard to find, and has excellent genes in it.


Next time don’t send them to ARS send them to me. I am a great believer in grade inflation/easy grading and I even give bonus points, not to mention that I have three kidneys. If you ever want to test anything in the humid torrid south (and the Shreveport Gardens are in Yankee land by our standards)I am willing to go along with whatever floats your boat. Those are both GREAT!

Bob in New Orleans.

Jadae, that is a beautiful photo. And I think that I can smell it from my computer screen! This one, with that kind of fragrance is sure to be special. Best wishes with it.

Jim Sproul