Information on Sterntaler (KORquelda)

Is anyone growing this that can comment on disease resistance and fertility either way?


It is a three stars rated (a reliable rating IMO) var for both BS and PM. Not enough BS resistant for my location but may be for others.

From Kordes site


W. Kordes

I started to experiement with this one both as a seed parent and pollen parent just last week. It did not bloom for me last year as it was new and small. It is producing very nice blooms and it looks like it is sending up more thick canes from the bottom for a repeat. I hope to get something from it as it is showing exceptional disease resistance both last year and this year as well as good cold tolerance (unlike other varieties, it’s new growth was not affected by the frost following the two weeks of 80 degree temps). Anyone know if it can be used as seed or pollen parent?