Inexpensive DVD for sale

Has anyone seen this DVD?

If so, please comment.


I have not seen this. I had not even heard of it until now. However, for $7 including shipping, I’m just curious enough to probably order it.

I watched it last night and it was really good, not very long though (can you ever get enough of rose hybridizing?) It was worth the $7 just to see Ping Lim wandering around in his muddy rose fields pointing out some of his favorites. Lots of old and new photos and film of famous hybridizers and their greenhouses and fields. It is not an instructional film, it has a very short demonstration of pollenization and some explanation of the AARS rose trials. Enjoy!

Ok, I have now watched the video and I must say that I absolutely loved it. I have never met Keith Zary, Tom Carruth, or Ping Lim, nor have I ever seen them give any kind of presentation. So, it was interesting to hear the comments from them throughout the presentation. I have also never been on a tour of true production rose fields the likes of Jackson & Perkins, Weeks, or Baileys. So again, that was wonderful to see. There are a few aerial shots that are absolutely astounding!! It was very interesting to see how the seeds are planted at J&P for the first stage of seedling growth (they reminded me of photos I have seen of Jim Sproul’s setup). Towards the end, there was a brief documentary section on how Peace made its way to the US and ultimately became an AARS winner. However, in all, it did not overly emphasize AARS every other second. It was tastefully done and really put together well. For the price, I would say it is an excellent adition to the library of any rose society, and would certainly be a good selection to show at a monthly meeting over the winter months.

Love At First Sight - A well worth $7.00 investment.If you are looking for a gift to give to a rose fancier, this DVD is a nice item. I think you will enjoy viewing it.