My two Incantation plants (both new this year) both suddenly decided to set seed like mad at the end of the year. I wasn’t ready for this so they are all OP. The seeds seem very small but most are sinkers. Are small seeds to be expected from Incantation and might they still be viable? Do they tend to germinate rather readily and quickly? The person who can give me legitimate “yes” answers to these question will be awarded an A++. Many thanks. Bob Williams.


I never, ever bother to do the float test. I think its a waste of time to segregate the seeds in this manner. I plant everything; either it germinates or it doesn’t. It takes the same time and energy to plant all of them as it does for 2/3 of em.

Open pollinated ‘Incantation’ seeds germinate quite quickly and at a high germination rate. Many will have a white/pale reverse and “hand painted” red or pink markings on the upper petal surface. You will undoubtedly find some you think are worth keeping.


Paul Barden

“It takes the same time and energy to plant all of them as it does for 2/3 of em.”

I feel exactly the same way.

Yup lol. Efficiency ftw :slight_smile: (that means “for the win” for ya out of the information age!)

Paul, Robert & Jadae:

Many thanks to all – I do the sink/float test for my own amusement – I always plant all and keep all. I love all my children, although the prevalence of disease in this warm moist climate, my own personal third world rose garden as it were, means that I have a very high rate of infant mortality.

“Third world” gardens make great testing grounds though Bob.

When life gives you lemons…