'Incantation' as a breeder?

Last year someone asked about using ‘Incantation’ as a breeder, and tonight I found a photo of one of the open pollinated seedlings I grew. This may be of interest. This was the most dramatically colored of the lot, but there were many bicolors with a white reverse, and upper petal colors from peach to deep orange and various reds. I guess you’d call these “hand painted”. I have one or two crosses using a different pollen on ‘Incantation’ chilling in the fridge now. I’m curious to see what comes of these.

See URL:

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.62360.0&tab=1

Oh my. Does it still exist?

I have ten hips of various things on Incantation including one each of moyesii, Eddies Jewel and Golden Wings.

Yes Don, I still have that seedling, plus about three of its siblings. Rather dramatic, yes?! I think it should be given a chance to mature, what with coloring like that.

Good luck with those seeds, I like the idea of putting moyesii on it.

That is one beautiful bi-color.

Is Incantation a moss ross?

No, not at all. It is almost thornless, in fact.

In 2008 I put incantation pollen on several roses. It gave seed on each and the traits of Incantation came thruogh, diluted of course by the other parent. On Sunflare it gave an orange. I think I showed a couple others earlier on the forum under the heading of “orange, anyone?” or something like that. Also, Incantation yielded seed with pollen of whatever else was available at the time its flowers were open. Germination was OK both ways.

A lot of my casual crosses target injecting yellow into things that don’t already have any. This is Julia Child on Incantation.

Very pretty Don.

Does it bloom a lot?

Jim Sproul

Thanks, Jim. I think this is only the first bloom so I suspect it not be remontant. I was just happy to see the yellow undertones.

After I posted this photo I noticed that there are some at HMF showing yellow at the base of Incantation petals. I have not seen this with Incantation but I guess it means that Incantation already has some yellow genes in it.

Here’s another Incantation seedling, a eye-popping surprise given the pollen parent is Blueberry Hill. Unfortunately it’s BS prone too.

Koko Loco is showing some blackspot, which is also from Blueberry Hill =/ Then again, it is from Crystalline and Angel Face (and Playboy), two of the nastiest roses ever created.