In need of miniature pollen

I’m looking for pollen from proven parents that are disease resistant, hardy and with colors that are any of the following: yellow/peach/apricot/russet/mauve/purple/striped. Basically anything but pink and if red, a deep red. Will pay postage. Thank you.


Rob, you might consider going to a garden center and asking if they will let you pull off a bud or two. A single bloom from a good pollen parent can easily pollinate 20 other blooms.

Jim Sproul


The two most Blackspot-free miniatures I grow are Apricot Twist and Cal Poly. Would either of these be of interest?


Thank you for the suggestion. A buddy and I will make the rounds of local nurseries tomorrow. Hopefully I will come across some good minis.


Either of those two would be of interest to me. Thank you. Can I email you my address?