important cross-- dried hip.

I have an important cross of Livin’ Easy and a rugosa hybrid-- and one hip not only rippened… but dried up.

I was very suprised. The other hips are turning orange, but I’m noticing that two are starting to get wrinkled, as if they’re already drying up.

Should I pick before anything happens?

And what do you think about these seeds? They all floated, and seeds from Livin’ Easy don’t float (which is nearly true for nearly all roses with the exception of species.)

This is important to me-- the pollen parent is a cross from Abe Darby x Basye’s Amphidiploid, and thus representing a different line from Basye’s Amphidiploid that isn’t from 77-361 or Kim’s hybrids such as Lynnie.

Once they ‘dry up’ you might as well pick them, regardless of the color, as they will not ripen any further.

Also, rugosa seeds usually float.

Well I did the float test on the other Livin Easy x (Abraham Darby x Basye’s Amphidiploid). And they all sunk…

Well, I can at least give it a go…

Is anyone interested on the 3 OP hips on my seedling?

Enrique, if you are referring to the Abraham Darby x Basye’s Amphidiploid cross, yes, I’d be interested! You can email me at

Alright-- it’s yours…