If you are using a microscope in your rose hybridizing this may be of interest.

There is a new “breed” of web cams that use 2 processors:

The add linked to below explains why 2 processors is useful:


(I have no financial interest in this company. Others may have a similar product, but I do not know what featues their software has.)

This company’s software (at least what came with my unit) includes the ability to use a “computer” magnifying glass on the screen. The Page link on the bottom of the screen illustrates this with a calibration slide.

I find this useful when I am trying to get the best focus possible.

Also the free microscope viewing program MICAM has of yesterday has been updated to a new version 1.4 (the link has been changed to:

Link: picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/D-AYtvHnCbsjp5R6LdM73g?feat=directlink