I see buds!

I just checked my R. hugonis (my first rose to bloom every spring), and I found buds. They are still small. You don’t have to–quite–use a magnifying glass, but they’re there. Spring is on the way! Even better, I found some buds on some of my (Therese Bugnut x probably Rugosa Magnifica) X Golden Cherseronese (sp?). They seem to be taking after GC, so maybe some will be yellow. Isn’t spring great?


Pooh. My roses are thinking about unfolding their first leaves of the year, but that it all. And I’m not sure if I even want them to be doing that because we have been having some very frightening cold snaps of late.

The Golden C. hybrid sounds really cool! I always wondered why nobody seemed to be trying to use diploid yellows like that to breed that ellusive dream of a good yellow rugosa. Keep us updated.



My spring is not really as advanced as I made it sound. My forsythia is just starting to fade–I’m not finished pruning yet. Dafodills are open, tulips and cherry blossems just starting to open.

R. hugonis blooms on laterals and forms the buds very early on–if you look for them. The new growth on my hugonis is only about 1.5 inches long, and none of the leaves are fully expanded. It will be about another 2-4 weeks before the blooms actually open. I just get impatient reading all the comments about California and other warm-climate blooms. I want mine too!