I ordered these. Any other suggestions?

I ordered the following roses today.

Crested Jewel

Oakington Ruby


Souvenir de la Malmaison

Mme. Cochet-Cochet

McGredys Yellow

Red Radiance

Typhoo Tea

Crested Jewel is to fit with the goal of a crested mini yellow. Or, maybe I should just buy Paul Barden’s crested yellow and move on. : )

Oakington Ruby because I like its lineage.

The others are older HT’s that are supposed to have strong fragrance and I think that is important for future crosses, at least to me. The other reason is I’m really leaning toward mini-flora types. I looked at many of the mini-floras and many have Cal Poly and HT as parents. I already have several Cal Poly in the garden. From HMF checks, it seems that mini’s with HT’s are the way to go.

ANy thoughts or suggestions.

Jeff, we all have to find our own path.

If these are those you wish to pursue then by all means do it. They will make what you do unique. It sounds like you have some goals in mind.

No rose is perfect everywhere. I guess you know some of these have poor records as parents? HMF is a great tool for researching this.

Knowing what I know now I would go back and do some things differently, but then I wouldn’t know what I know now had I done things differently, would I?

It’s all a journey.

Robert… It is all journey… but ain’t it fun…



I have some goals now, however nothing is locked in cement.

I’m hoping that I can get some pollen from the plants you sent and see where that goes too. I remember my freshman year in college. I had definate career goals in mind, but they changed. This will probably end up the same way as I learn more and experiment.


It is fun… Thank goodness most of us don’t have to make a living at it.

McGredy’s Yellow produced an important rose in modern roses, Piccadilly, which in turn produced a majority of fade-resistant yellows.

Some of the roses listed may be infertile.

Jeff, my email is jadae at comcast dot net. Maybe we could talk about cultivars for our area that would suit your goals best.


I’ll send you an e-mail.