I need help, do I have R. virginiana or Swamp Rose? Trade last year for R. foliolosa

Okay, my records are not well maintained. Last year I traded R. foliolosa for this rose, although I cannot remember if it is Rosa virginiana or Rosa palustris. What I do remember that it came from Richmond, Virginia (hence my confusion of R. virginiana) that was growing on a construction site in a crack or something. Well the plant is very beautiful, but I am not sure which one of the two I got. Starting to sucker right now too-- It has long straight thorns and reminds me sort of like a ladder. It hasn’t bloomed yet, maybe this year so I don’t know what is its color. Reddish canes. Please help. I think it is from you Paul O. Tried to personaly email you, but I’m getting problems. Sorry if I cannot make this more personal. Thanks,