I have ants that like rose seeds

I noticed the craziest thing yesterday. My office is in a building in an area that has sandy soils outside and lots of ants. We have exterminators come in routinely to take care of them. Along the base of my filing cabinets there was a highway of little ants and it looked like there was little pieces of soil on the carpet. I followed them back to where they were coming from and noticed they were coming from a plastic grocery bag in the corner that contained zip lock baggies with rose seeds and peat moss from last years germination experiments. THey make holes in the the plastic baggies. I lifted up the grocery sack and there were rose seed halves on the floor with the peat. I wonder if the rose seed pericarp halves were just left over from being within the baggies from past germinated seeds or if they broke seeds open and were eating them.

This is the first time I ever dealt with ants and rose seeds. Have others encountered them? Are they a problem for those that like to plant seeds directly outside?



Hi David,

I haven’t noticed anything like that, but I wonder if maybe they are just hungry after your long cold winter!?

Jim Sproul

Ants will trace water or sugar. And in this case, I will guess water.