Hybridizing plans 2007

I am beginning to plan this summers hybridizing, and right now it looks like I will try the following crosses, see below.

Most of the roses I use are older European species, which maybe had been tried a lot before, but for me, still seems to be interesting.

Abraham Darby, Handel, Westerland and Santana all worked well as seed parent last season, so I will use them in new combinations this summer.

Westerland (Kordes) especially is a good choice to use in hybridizing in general I think, as it seems to resist any kind of diseases, which must a main objective in making new roses.

For me it is an extra bonus, that Westerland also have genes from Cl

I plan on trying Solitaire x Autumn Sunset (Westerland’s sport) next year. Both have a tendency to attempt to climb. I want to see how well they combine.

Mine are certainly still in progress.

I would like to cross Tournament of Roses with some of the Canadian Explorers and Parkland roses. I’m hoping to be able to use TofR as a seed parent. Any experience with it out there??

I have 3 established Geminis, and I will probably be making quite a few crosses using Gemini as the seed parent. Again with some of the Canadian roses, as well as Home Run and Baby Love. Working on the winter hardiness and/or disease resistance aspect.

The final grouping is to concentrate more on crossing the Canadian roses with minis that are known to be good seed parents. I made a few of these crosses last year, but my holiday plans messed up my crossing plans.



Is blackspot a big problem for Gemini?

Dave, My Geminis did have black spot up here last year. They were not as bad as some of the roses and it definitely was a bad year for black spot.

One of my goals is to get a seedling out of Elina which equals the quality of the parent.

Sounds like a simple goal, but it hasn’t happened yet after years of trying.

A Lafter X Elina seedling from 1998 is very good, but still a large step below Elina.

Gemini only gets a few blackspotted leaves at the end of the gorwing season here which is good-- not enough to require concern or spraying if grown properly.

Tournament of Roses, on the other hand, is a blackspot magnet. Texas A/M even had a small article on it and mentioned bs. I think there are cleaner roses to use over ToR from the Impatient lineage.

Bo, it looks like you have lots of fun crosses planned.

Jadae, are you working on climbers? Have you tried ‘Night Owl’? It is quite vigorous and sets hips well.

Dave, on another forum, it was mentioned that ‘Gemini’ gets blackspot. It has so many other great qualities that it is in my opinion worth using extensively. Using it with ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Home Run’ would help overcome some of that. I have done the ‘Gemini’ X ‘Baby Love’ cross. It gives quite a lot of variability in size of plants. Many of its seedlings are also seed fertile so that you can carry your work forward.

Liz, I think your crosses look great. I have used ‘Tournament of Roses’ as a seed parent and germination is fair, but seed set is not as high as I would like. I love the glossy foliage that it tends to pass on.

Jim Sproul

“Jadae, are you working on climbers? Have you tried ‘Night Owl’? It is quite vigorous and sets hips well.”

Off and on. I dont have any specific, single goal. But getting decent orange, yellow and mauve climbers is on my list.

I thought about Night Owl x Ilse Krohn Superior. The problem is finding room for climbers.

Jadae - Autumn Sunset is unknown to me, but I have just watched it at HMF, and surely it looks very nice! I hope you will get a good climbing result with Solitaire and find the room for all the climbers :slight_smile:

Generally I can see that a part of the roses you are using in the US and Canada are more or less unknown to me, but still it is a very good way for me, to get a view of what you are using as breeding roses.

And Jim - I try to imaging the possibilities from the best breading roses I got and from my favourites too. Lots of yellow and orange I know, and I could end up with low hips settings/seed germination frequency. But surely the ones which gets through, could be magic :slight_smile:

Jim, thanks for the info on TofR and the kind words about my crossing plans. I hope that mother nature and holiday plans will allow me to follow through on most of these crosses. Both of these tend to be beyond my control most years.

Jadae, what attracted me to TofR was several things. The established bush that I have is relatively upright and compact, but also the flower characteristics of TofR are interesting. The flowers up here last a long time and the petals are thick enough that rain does not seem to bother them. These are both aspects that I would like to bring into the Canadian Explorer and Parkland backgrounds. Most of the Canadian roses in my environment are pretty agressive in terms of size and in general the flowers have a relatively short life span. Are there any other roses out there that could bring these 2 attributes together? Hot Cocoa seems to bring long lasting but fading petals into crosses, although the bush form is not too bad. I’ve ordered Kardinal, a Kordes HT that is used as a florist rose, thinking that it might be another suitable donor of these traits.


Fame! and Voluptuous! are somewhat better than ToR. Theyre definitely superior for blackspot resistance. Timeless, which is bred from Kardinal, is also pretty good. One of my new favorite roses is bred from it (Caliente).

Of my own roses that I grow, Caribbean, Tequila Sunrise (pollen only parent) & Remember Me fit your description.

Im ordering In The Mood this spring which is also supposed to be similar. There are some others, too.

I actually prefer this type of HT/GR because you get a lot of color and they cut well for vases (one of the reasons HT’s are useful) for inside. Also, they dont look strung out by September.

Hybridizing has taken a back seat with me… Life is hard but oh wells.


I’ve been eyeing my own hybrids.

Cologne X Constance Spry is a light mauve but with a shape closer to modern hybrid teas. My goal was an Austin type with mauve colors so I’m thinking of crossing the seedling with Constance Spry again. (And hope it will repeat bloom, recapture the OGR form, and light lavender color.)

Cologne X (Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphidiploid) looked real good this summer but it may not have captured the disease resistance of my pollen parent (which has greyish green leaves similar to its musk parent.) If it blooms, I want to cross it back to the Abe Darby X basye Amphi seedling.

This year, I’m going to concentrate with Queen Elizabeth X Basye’s Legacy after seeing such amazing roses from Robert’s BL’s seedlings. My rose isn’t thorn free but it has a reduced thorn count. I’m thinking of crossing this rose with other single roses as a pollen parent.

After that,

It really depends if I stay here in California… and etc. If I leave (not for good, but during the breeding season) I won’t have a chance to pollinate.

My biggest goal is to cross the bicolor Orange-yellow Prospero X Goldmoss seedling (which has a muddle form and no moss) with Paul’s Mel Hulse. Mel sets many open pollinated hips and although I’ve never germinated anything from that rose-- I will this year.

I would like to raise a mossy English rose and while Paul’s hybrid and my seedling has English rose parents… I see that they’re missing some of the features of the English rose (mostly in mine.) I’m mostly talking about the strong fragrance aspect.

I am thinking that perhaps with Prospero and The Prince in our roses background, they may some how combine and create a mossy English rose hybrid with a strong fragrance.