Hybridizing Plan

Been working on my plan for the next several years. Wont get much done toward my plan next year. Plan to work with Bucks alot next year and any other plant I have that seems interesting.

My major goal for next year will be to establish my breeding stock. Once I have at lease some of the roses I need to start on my plan I will start making attempts that are important to my plan.

My breeding stock I want to use:

  • Group 1 *

R. Laxa

R. Spinosissima Altaica

Beauty of Liefland




Prairie Peace

  • Group 2 *

Lichtkonigen Lucia



Autumn Sunset



Graham Thomas

New Hampshire Statehouse


Prairie Princess

Jan’s Wedding

The Impressionist (Have no idea if this one will work)

Festival Fanfare (Have no idea if this one will work - I bet not)

My initial attempts will be to get as many good seedlings from crossing group 1 with group 2. I do plan some group 1 crossing as well.

I do have some additional plans to play with more of the species roses but that isnt as important to me as my group 1 and 2 croses. I really want to work with ‘The Gift’ as I think it is an wonderful rose.

From what I have been told, my crosses with R. Spinosisssma Altaica may take a couple of years to germinate. I dont think that will pose to much of a problem as long as I have some other seeds that will germinate to keem me busy.

I think I have finally refined my plan to the point that I am happy with it. I am only missing a couple of plants from group 1 but have hopes to be able to add them this spring.

I was wondering if there are any suggestions as to what I might also consider in this plan. My goal is interesting climbers. Where are my greatest chances for failure. Where might I spend most of my time with the lease success.

Any suggestions as to modifications would be greatly appreciated.

-Steve J

Steve, I tried Tne Impressionist x Jonn Davis last year and was suprised I had some success. Not many seeds but was happy it worked. Time will tell if anything comes of it. Just got done planting all my seeds from last years crosses. Brad

Steve, a yellow floribunda that you should consider is ‘Arthur Bell’. It has a good track record in breeding programs. If you trace its pedigree, I believe it has Rosa eglanteria in it and that’s not common in a floribunda.

I am curious how ‘Compassion’ fits with your breeding plans. I know it has disease problems in some areas where it can be grown.

Compassion doesnt really fit overly well other than I happen to have one growing in my yard. It has had some disease for me. I like its bloom form and its color. It doesnt really fit into the ‘unique’ class that I really desire and I dont consider it overly vital. I wouldnt consider it a good rose for developing a parent from.

I want to cross it with Prairie Princess for the most part.

Authur Bell is a great looking rose. Nice form and color. Looks to be a popular parent. I will have to add it to my yearly order from Sequoia