'Hybridizer Pro' software

Has anyone tried this?

Link: www.hybridizerpro.com/id75.html

Now, why didn’t you post this before Father’s day? I could of left little hints around.

It looks pretty good, but so much is disabled in the demo it’s hard to tell how useful it is. My experience with these types of programs is that they lack flexibility.

Looks what I needed about 30 years ago when I made a lot of crosses every year. Doesn’t mention system requirements, but it looks like a Windoze application.

It does work with Windows.

I’m the developer of Hybridizer Pro. I does works with Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. I made it kind of generic so that it will work with all plant types. I’m making an update so that you can tell it what type of plant you are using. This way I can customize it for that paticular plant type. If you want the program to do something it doesn’t do, just let me know. I can usually have an update out within a day. I want this program to be as useful as possible.

Link: www.hybridizerpro.com

Rick a few additional things important to rose hybridizers are:

-Class (can be found on HelpMeFind.com - Roses)

-Bloom style (again, check out HelpMeFind.com)

-Disease Resistance (to Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Rust);

-Foliage quality (Shiny, dull, dark green, medium or light green),

-Cold tolerance and hardiness/Heat tolerance of blooms and leaves;

-Remondancy (Once blooming, repeat, continuous, occasional rebloom)

-Thorns (thorny or not, curved or straight, large or small, color of thorns),

Actually, a perusal of HelpMeFind will give you lots of ways to customize for roses. I’m sure others will have lots to add to this list.

And thank you for developing this program! Looks like it could be very useful.

Rick (the developer) is planning to customize the program for rose hybridizing. This will be in the form of updates. We’ve given him a number of items we would like to see in the rose database. There will also be fields that you can customize yourself. He has also lowered the price to $49.95.

If you download it, be sure to also download the update, accessible by the update button at the left on the homepage.