Hybrid Teas that pass on mildew resistance?

Hello everyone,

I am finally making some progress with blackspot resistance in hybrid teas, but mildew keeps rearing its ugly head. Can anyone suggest any hybrid teas that consistently pass on good mildew resistance? Fragrance would be a big plus as well, but it not as important as disease resistance. Pollen or seed parents are fine.

Thanks for your help!


American Honor for me.

Thanks Jadae.

Hi Shane, I live in extreme northern calif. and for me Solitaire (McGredy) is super clean. It’s not big on fragrance but it’s grandparent is Fragrant Cloud. Hope it works for you.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/plant/pl.php?n=5855&tab=1

‘Solitaire’ is a real dog in the extreme heat here but when the weather cools it’s simply amazing.

Hi Shane,

‘Stainless Steel’ and ‘Gemini’ worked well for me, but you will be fighting blackspot all over again.

Jim Sproul

Thanks Everyone, I really appreciate your input.

Robert and Jack, you brought up roses I have never considered, so I appreciate that. Are they good seed parents or are they better as pollen parents?

Jim, you bring up a very good point that I have been pondering. It took me so long to get blackspot resistance that I would really hate to go back a step. I may have to rethink my approach.

Decision, decisions.

Shane, what kind of ancestry do your black spot resistant HT’s have?

Though on other threads we have heard of break down of BS resistance in ‘Baby Love’, ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Home Run’ and ‘Knock Out’, these might be useful to combine with HT’s. In particular BL and HR produce lots of powdery mildew resistant seedlings besides having good BS resistance.

Jim Sproul

Solitaire, for the most part, has fairly healthy seedlings relative to other parents.

American Honor is a weird one. Sheer Elegance, it’s parent, has mostly mildew dominant seedlings. Silver Jubilee, its other parent, is a blackspot disaster. But American Honor itself and it’s seedlings seem to do well.

For example, I crossed Sevilliana (Buck) with a ton of things I had. They were EXTREMELY disease prone. But the American Honor x Sevilliana batch did well. Go figure… the only HT I used was the best of the batch… and among like 3 or 4 that actually had heavy stippling. The con: American Honor is extremley difficult to locate. The irony: It was my very first rose I bought and grew – 1994… I guess I had good taste :slight_smile:

Other choices: Elina, Selfridges, Sunstruck, Aperterif

Here is American Honor x Sevilliana. It starts out with HT form and pops open to this. It germinated 4 months ago. I would have photo’d the foliage, but the fall weather already told it to drop its leaves. It didnt have mildew unlike other Sevilliana seedlings, though.

Nice Jadae. I like the stippling.