Hybrid persica!!

I am still looking out for hybrid persica seed!

I know for a fact, some of the latest Persica hybrid releases from Europe have arrived here in Australia, but it is going to be some considerable time before we can get any of them in nurseries here, due to time required for pre-release propagation and evaluations for local suitability to climate.

The seed just has to be cleaned and air dried, for a day, and popped into an ordinary envelope by air mail.

Any offers?

Email to:

gvarden at bigpond dot net dot au

LOL… out of curiosity I just spoke to one of the larger rose retailers here, and their specialist rose dude did not even know what I was talking about regarding these hybrids…let alone when they are going to be for sale.

Definitely eons behind, here…


George, not just there. You would be surprised how little the people who are supposed to know, actually DO. They know HT and possibly floribunda, but when you go all esoteric on them, forget it! Kim

Kim is correct. I could walk into Portland Nursery tomorrow and get the same gaze, and many of them are highly educated in gardening. Rosedom is highly elaborate, especially for one genus. Most rosarians are mostly proficient in the culture of most roses, but usually not the specifics.

Yep you are both correct!

The quest for hybrid persica Down Under continues…LOL!


“You would be surprised how little the people who are supposed to know, actually DO. They know HT and possibly floribunda, but when you go all esoteric on them, forget it!”

The other day I read a recent rose patent which informed me that there are precisely 3 kinds of garden roses: HTs, florabundas and multifloras. This amused me because the patent holder was Suntory, who are trying to make blue GM roses using, as the base rose, Cardinal de Richelieu. The patent did not explain why they are throwing millions of dollars at something that isn’t a garden rose.

Floristry, perhaps. They basically described the 3 main groups of florist roses as products. Everything else in between each is “intermediate” or “large” this or that.

It also depends on who one actually gets to speak to…I prolly just got to spoke to the wrong dude but at the right place.

Having the right contacts can be key to getting “results”.

spoke = speak

Hi George, I promised and I will…just hang on for a few more months and you can have some Eyes for You and maybe Alissar, Princess of Phoenicia (what a mouthful)if it sets decent heps.

Hi Campanula.

Some are telling me that their EFY does not set OP seed in their climate.

See how EFY performs as a seed setter in your climate…let us know!

I know I am ranting and raving about this persica seed subject, however your case would seem to be a special one, in that you are a beginner.

It would really interest me if you please kept any OP EFY seed (if you get any this season), and try and sow it to get germinations…let us know the results so we can at least know:

  1. If EFY can set OP seed and,

  2. How fertile that OP seed is (ie. germination rate).

This would be great information to share with us in the first instance, and at the same time you can gain experience with sowing rose seed (achenes)!

As for Alissar,POP, I have just asked numerous contributors on HMF about whether they have seen OP hips/seed form on their sepcimens…it will be interesting to know their answers (and of course your experience) on this one also.

Harkness hybrid persicas may one day be sold here, it will be nice to see them here!

sepcimens = specimens

So far, I have one respondant on HMF telling me that Alissar POP does set “fruits” in their garden in France, but that person was not abe to tell me about the presence of any OP seed.

Based on this report, it seems Alissar POP might possibly hold out some promise as a female parent.

In the mean time, George, have you still got ‘Euphrates’? I’ve recently discovered that Thomas for Roses sells ‘Fairy Changeling’, the other half of ‘Euphrates’. It’s a poly so I’m assuming it’s a diploid as I am assuming ‘Euphrates’ is. I’ve placed an order for ‘Fairy Changeling’ to put ‘Euphrates’ back to to see if the shared genetics makes it any more willing to stick. I’m also hoping it might produce something more fertile if the poly component/health can be increased whilst retaining the blotch at the same time. Worth a shot :slight_smile: Seems that OP persica hybrid seeds are as rare as rocking horse poop… so I reckon we should see if this ‘dead horse’ has already been flogged… so-to-speak :wink: Even going back to ‘The Fairy’ might be an option.

On another note… send me an email to s.a.voorwinde at bigpond.com with your address so I can post your ‘Test Tube Baby Love’ plant out. All the cuttings I put in struck (great sign) and are ready to go.

Hi Simon!

I have done a 360 degree turn on the Baby Love story… I don’t like the flowers it seems to produce down the track in breeding, and I wont be using it. I hope this does not upset you…LOL! (nothing personal).

I am tooooooootally over Euphrates!!!

I have had such bad luck with it, and it is such a horrible rose in my climate, that I don’t even want to consider using it again!

I am guessing any immediate F1 out of Euphrates (if any occur) are likely going to be the same crap as Euphrates is in my climate (ie. a powdery mildew DISASTER, with as much fertility as a telegraph pole).

The Tigris line is the one to chase!!! (as you prolly also know).

As I promised you a while back, if I get lucky with any OP persica seed kindly offered by any contributor of this forum, I am going to share any seedling material with shows the blotch with you!


Take care!!

um, i think nigel hawthorne might be more viable than euphrates - a pm disaster here too. have it (NH)on order from harkness for next year (i forgot to let them (at harkness) know in time as they only propagate a few each year…and, this is a terrible thing to say but, harkness roses directly from their Hertford nursery have been pretty ropey - piddly root system and terrible dieback…as they are only available from them, we have to just sigh and endure. On a side note, have you thought about using euphoria at all? No idea how fertile it is (mine is still small from last years cuttings).

Hi Campanula.

The only rose with a persica blotch that we can get here that I am aware of, is Euphrates…correction I can’t even get that anymore, as someone bought the entire shop out for Euphrates this season…LOL!!!

However I see this as a blessing as I don’t care for Euphrates anyway any more…I have no more time to invest in experiments with that one.

Euphoria, whilst supposedly a descendant of Euphrates, doesn’t have a blotch so I seriously doubt it would transmit any blotch, that is my guess. It is also not available here to my knowledge anyways, but I would not get it even if it were available.

NH is supposed to be a great rose in itself, but I hear its fertility is close to zero as well.

If it were me, I would not invest too much time experimenting/hybridizing with NH, I would concentrate on using those new release hybrid persicas for hybridizing. I would start using their pollen (preferably in a fresh state), and I would only use them as seed parents in later years if they form OP hips and their seed germinated at a reasonable rate (eg. well over 10% at a bare minimum).

…Seems that OP persica hybrid seeds are as rare as rocking horse poop

I can understand you frustration Simon. However I do not believe they are rare, they are just tightly held by those that have them. LOL!

lol I’ll try Nigel Hawthorn pollen again. It emasculates really easily and I only lose 5 minutes of my life per year. If it was difficult to get pollen from then I’d forget it, but its pretty simple to try. I may just pollen bomb Therese Bugnet with unusual diploid/triploid pollens and cross my fingers. The worst that can happen is nothing or a few bloomless roses. No big deal.