Hybrid Perpetuals in breeding

I’m interested in using Hybrid Perpetuals in a breeding

program. Can you suggest good seed and pollen parents? I’m aiming for

remontance, fragrance, climbing habit and scent. Color is not a

limiting factor, though stripes are a plus.

‘Ferdinand Pichard’ is already in my program.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated,



Deuil de Dr. Reynaud sets lots of hips, germinates like crazy and stems on most of the seedlings are quite long. I’ve gotten some beautiful seedlings from him. He’s not a once bloomer, but spring is the main flush.

By the way, he’s a Bourbon, but I sure can’t see any difference.

I haven’t made any crosses with it, but Souvenir du Docteur Jamain seems to produce op hips easily. Just checked it today and the seeds were almost bursting out of the hips. The hips probably won’t ripen in our climate, though the rose itself seems to be surprisingly hardy.

I’m going to be a curmudgeon here. Sorry about that.

We grow about twenty HPs and I’m not sure I’d want to use any of them as parents. It may be how they grow in my climate: zone 6b, east TN, lots of fungal disease pressure year round not always handled with a dedicated fungicide program, rainy season is winter, rain is sporadic in summer and fall and unpredictable. Big and rangy plants that are almost thuggish in the way they spread.

Positives: beautiful blooms on short lateral stems. Some are wonderfully fragrant.

But most HPs don’t do well here.

So, IF I were using HPs in a breeding program, the only one I would use is a found rose from our next door county. It is a proven survivor of our conditions and fall rebloom is good here. I doubt that I’ll ever know its real name.

If you’ve got HP roses that survive in your area, may I suggest that you concentrate on them? And if HPs aren’t among the found roses from your area…there’s a reason.

Putting my grumpy cloak back on,


I plan on ordering Commandant Beaurepaire next spring. Honorine de Brabant set a lot of hips at Washington Park so I assume this one will, too.

Why would you choose to focus on either of those Jadae?

I have to say I am with Ann regarding most of the HP’s. They don’t seem to have much to offer the breeder.

At least Moore was able to move the stripes from ‘Ferdinand Pichard’ into modern roses.

I’m trying to think of others with good attributes.

Perhaps ‘Marbree’ for spots?

“Why would you choose to focus on either of those Jadae?”

Sheer curiousity. Ive never grown one before and I want to see what the seedlings are like. I’ll prolly just give it away if I dont like it.

I might order Orphine de Juliet as well. I want to try it x White Drift, Baby Love, Pretty Lady and Scentimental.

Wow Jadae, you’ve got more time and space than I have! I do think it’s fun to fiddle around with the unusual. ODJ has no recorded descendants. That doesn’t bode well.

I think Souv. Du Dr. Jamain would be a better choice. I used the pollen and found it very fertile last season.

Beales just introduced a descendant.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=49134

I was looking for something more modern sized and purple that I could leave in front of the Black Hills Spruce, take care of for a year then leave to it’s own.

btw, Im open to suggestions. Im mostly interested in learning. I cannot, at this point in time, say Im confident in my knowledge of the older bush OGRs.


I’ve used Commandant Beaurepaire in the past with no success. I have never got it to set hips. The pollen might be viable, however I’m pretty sure it’s a triploid.

I’ve got numerous seedlings in the past from Honorine de Brabant and one very repeat blooming shrub that has blooms identical to Honorine in color, form and fragrance.

When using HP’s or Bourbons expect a lot of once bloomers regardless what the other parent is. Unless your lucky disease resistance is elusive.

Oh! Thank you! I will order Honorine instead then.

Has anyone worked with Baron Girod de L’Ain? I like the white edging on the petals. I grew some dahlias this year with more pronounced white tips to the petals and thought they were very striking. I would like to recreate that in a rose.

Is Baron a good place to start or are there better options out there? I’m not necessarily wanting to work with a HP, but just looking for the color combination. I thought some of the hand painted roses, like Old Master, might be a good option also.

Thanks Paul