Hybrid Musk reccomendations

I am a little confused about the ploidy of Hybrid Musks. I am hoping to find a fertile diploid HM to use as a seed parent. Ideally it would be fragrant and either yellow or some yellow genes hiding in its makeup. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



Trier Rambler. Lambert 1904. Description… small, almost single, creamy yellow flowers with a rosy flush… In England, the Reverend Joseph Pemberton crossed ‘Trier’ with a series of other roses to create a group of Modern Shrubs called the Hybrid Musks…

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=2.6332.0&tab=1

Thanks, that is exactly what I was hoping to find. Does it repeat very well?



Probably depends on your climate, purportedly,

“Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season”

Ballerina lacks yellow but it is a bloom machine and compatabile with many different pollens. A well established, unsupported plant of it at Elizabeth Park is shoulder high and equally round and you cannot see the foliage for the blooms most of the time.

Ballerina has cream (almost yellow) tones in the center when fresh.

Personally I wouldn’t let triploids scare me off and go with Buff Beauty or Francesca.

Buff Beauty tends to breed a lot of junk, in my experience. Trier has been far more useful in my work.

Yeah, I would go with Trier and Bukavu.

What about ‘Cornelia’? I was looking at it, and a whole lot of the Lens hybrids that he made using ‘Trier’ x ‘Mutabilis’, last night as it’s a diploid.

Just reviving this thread. Does anyone have any experience with ‘Callisto’ or ‘Thisbe’? I have grown neither but am attracted to the stronger yellow and stronger fragrances as compared to ‘Trier’.

‘Trier’ is capable of producing remarkably saturated reds, yellows and oranges when mated with the right thing, fragrances too, so don’t dismiss it as a possibility.

In Musks hybrids yellow is from early Teas/Chinas so environment dependent.

I second Cornelia as a fully fertile easy germinating diploid nice plant and flower with delightfull musk fragrance.

With more yellow and little less scent: “Ghislaine de Feligonde” is to consider.

I really like the “newer” but technically can be categorized as a 1st generation hybrid musk with many of the other ‘Trier’ as a half-brother to the bred classics would be the china/musk ‘Plaisanterie’. Mine is only a year old or so and it went crazy this year, even after either deer or rabbits chomped on a bit. Really vigorous.

Pretty flowers, like ‘Trier’ except with the coloring of ‘Mutabils’, and as such probably a great gene-pool for colors due to the 'Mutabilis; influence. I can imagine crossing this with the right plant you could get some pretty stunning yellows maybe? Worth a shot.