Hulthemia persica in breeding

I know that some members of this group are interested in the work being done with Hulthemia persica through ‘Tigris’. Ralph Moore has been working with this plant for a few years and this is one of his best seedlings using ‘Tigris’. In hot weather, the new blooms are a brilliant glowing orange with a deep red eye!

This plant is fully remontant, but it is a bit weedy in growth, with somewhat sparse foliage. Still, it is the most interesting plant out of Hulthemia persica that I have seen so far. Curiously, it is also fertile in both directions!



That is very nice. I tried Tigris this year, just as a side project. Used it both ways with the following roses: Queen Elizabeth, Golden Angel, Livin Easy, Baby Love, Fair Dinkum, The Pearl, R. kordesii, and my seedling, Queen Elizabeth x 77-361. Nothing look like it took, but I expected that since my plant is so tiny.

By the way, how many generations is this off from Tigris?

Enrique: ‘Tigris’ as the immediate seed parent of this rose, so its a first generation ‘Tigris’ seedling.


Really pretty. Wonder if Anytime is in there somewhere!

Yes, ‘Anytime’ is involved in the breeding of this and several other similar hybrids of Ralph’s.


Hi Paul:

I have been following the persica breeding through Mr. Moore and Chris Warner. It is a very interesting line. Do you know if this seedling that you mention is “fully remontant”, bloomed in its first year as a brand new seedling?

I have had very rare persica seedlings bloom in their first year. When they do, they continue blooming on throughout the year, just like modern roses.

I have a seedling that is from a cross of a seedling of mine by Chris Warner’s ‘Tiggle’ that is like that, but has a very attenuated “eye”. It also happens to be fertile in both directions.

This year I have seedlings of it, but nothing as good as the parent. I also have about 100 seedlings of ‘Tigris’ and ‘Tiggle’ crosses. The only ones that have bloomed this year lack the eye and/or have misshapened rudimentary petaloids. The remaining seedlings are growing like crazy with the typical persica angular wild growth and needle-like prickles!


Here is a photo of my seedling - not a terribly bright eye, but a repeat blooming rose that I hope to use to concentrate the trait in subsequent generations.


Very pretty… It sort of reminds me of Peachy Creeper (Euphoria) which supposedly has some persica. But Peach Creeper appears to have no halo, but I haven’t seen the flowers in person yet. Just in pictures.

How many generations is this from Tiggles?

Tiggle was the direct pollen parent. The seed parent was a seedling of mine that sets hips extremely well which is why I used it. Tiggle pollen is not very fertile. The seed parent parentage is: Halo Today x [Geisha x (Tobo x Singin’ in the Rain)].