How long do you hold out for germination?

I’ve had some luck with germinations… Bonica x Sexy Rexy and Iceberg x Veterans honor. So I did something right. Those seeds that are planted and have not germinated are still in containers. Planted late Dec. How long do you hold out for them? Living in the Northeast tempertures are in the 40 to 60 range outside.So i moved them there from the basement to indirect light outside. Hoping the outside environment might scare the remaining to germinate. Is that the right thing to do?

I would have done the same. It might still take awhile. Just make sure they don’t dry out. I don’t plant seeds until they germinate & some have done so after three years.

I don’t kow if it is just a fluke or not. I’m now thinking that outside ( of the fridge ) conditions ie storms, low pressure patterns, influence the germinations of the seeds in the fridge. I have only recollections to go from, but will have to record conditions and germinations to document this.

What brought me to suspect this is that some seeds of Schoeners Nutkana ( various crosses ) all germinated after some 2 and a half years in the fridge, just after a good storm. Only sporadic germinations previously. How?