How do you protect first year

Hi there

I know it is a bit early to think about now, but I wonder how you secure your first years seedlings through the winter. All my seedlings are outside right now, and a few of them I would like test for another year.

In Denmark the winter will get cold some years, with temperatures down to 5 Fahrenheit.

Some of you must live in such areas too, but how do managed to get them safe through the winter.

Do you store them in a protected place, cover them outside or do you do something else to get them through the winter?

I am looking forward to hear how you protect them.




I dont really. I wouldnt want a seedling that couldnt survive a zone 8b winter. The only exception I could see would be like how Robert is breeding for evergreens but that is a specific exception.

I only work with very hardy breeding stock, so I don’t bother doing any protecting of plants. When setting seedlings out I plant them deeply, by seasons end they are generally strong and established and hopefully ready for the oncoming winter.


I cut the bottoms out of clear plastic 16 oz drinking cups and place them over the small seedlings. Dirt is used on the outside of the cup to hold it in position.

In addition to serving as winter protection, the cup prevents rabbits and/or deer from eating the canes down to the ground (in the spring I often find that the canes were eaten to the top of the cup).


That was surely what I liked to hear (not much work to do). So I will not do much to protect the bigger plants and try Henry’s proposal for the few smaller ones.

Thoroughly enough there are no point in saving seedlings who can’t survive the winters!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


For those seedlings I decide to protect, I use quart sized Styrofoam cups pretty much the same way Henry does. I get the cups at a restaurant supply store.