Honey Dijon

I love this rose’s color, and high-centred blooms.

I want to ask anyone who has actually dabbled with it, what sort of colors it tends to breed…I am also interested if anyone has tested OP seedlings out of it!

I never tried it myself. I do know it tends to blush a little pink in hot weather. It does appear to be a good vigorous grower in the gardens I have seen it in. I am also fond of the color. I have seen Op hips on it in some of the gardens I have seen it in.

Jim posted some pics of seedlings of it on Rosarians Corner a year or more ago. I recall similar colors. Weeks has Pumpkin Patch out, which is a weird combo of like the golden-mauve russet meets a kind of apricot-orange.

Knowing anything descending from Singin in the Rain, it is a safe guess that gold tones (among other strong tones) tend to not get as lost as easily as other breeders that are apricot/gold/russet, etc. Is fortunate, too, since most Sexy Rexy descendants are pink or white lol.

Oh yeah, careful of bs. It gets it from both sides (Sexy Rexy and Silverado are notorious here for it). But its good vigor can outgrow it (kinda like Peace works) during the growing season. Pumpkin Patch defoliates here =/

Hi Adam…yeah I believe it sets hips…

Michael, that is all very intereting, thank you.

One of the big rose outlets here has a big colorful glossy autumn catalogue (our autumn is just finishing here)…In it, is a small picture of a new HT type rose they have named ‘Man Of Steel’…(a VERY COOL name IMO)…anyway they say it is derived out of Stainless Steel…the centre is more of a light grey/lavender with the typical SS silvery coloring to the outer edges of the bloom…I wonder if anyone knows about this in USA? I guess it might be a sport of SS??

It is possibly due for release in the next 12 months according to one of the store personnel.

Hi George,

Yes, ‘Honey Dijon’ sets hips well OP. In fact, it seemed to produce hips better OP than when I tried to do planned crosses. Germination was good at 25%-30%. Seedlings often had similar coloring - yellow to russet.

I had a dark mauve sister seedling of it that did better as a seed parent and crossed HD onto it and got a seedling that was more brown than HD. I have attached a photo of a petal of it below comparing it to HD.

‘Honey Dijon’ produces abundant fertile pollen, so I would tend to use it as a pollen parent whenever possible.

Jim Sproul

Thank you Jim, it does all inspire me to seek darker more unusual-colored roses, maybe using HD as a parent. I might go buy HD soon.

I think the petals of your darker seedling (to the right) are a definite leap into the darker tan tones, well done!

I got this one–first year-- and it sets hips okay (although, it will do better once it has a few years on it.)

I used Trade Winds on it with hopes that it could make a brown bi-color sort of rose.

Did you get seeds out of that cross Enrique? You used TW as pollen parent, yes?

This is my first year with it-- but I’ve seen a neighbor’s rose (it’s very recognizable even without the tag) and it sets OP hips okay.

ok Enrique…best of luck with it, sounds like good fun!

I know it doesn’t really matter why HD sets hips easier openly rather than in deliberate crosses seeing as it is a good pollen parent, however the discrepancy intrigues me (I now know Baby Love does a similar thing after what a few of the experts have recently discussed on this topic, elsewhere).