Hiroshima's Children

Hiroshima’s Children is listed as diploid on HelpMeFind. Anyone used this rose in hybridizing? Is it fertile?

Quite unbeleivable!

It is probably tetraploid.

It is one of the most blackspot prone floribundas I have ever seen. It is up there with Cathedral, Goldilocks, Eyepaint, Old Port and George Burns. It can completely defoliate here.

It seems to be a mistake. I’ll remove the ploidy information, unless someone knows something more.

Oh great. I just bought it based on the ploidy.

I wouldn’t necessarily use Help-Me-Find as an accurate source for determining ploidy. I noticed that when they added the ploidy field, diploid seemed to be put in as the “default” on many roses without verification. I have seen more than one rose listed as “diploid” which defied the logical offspring of the parents.

Andy, I’m sorry to say I’ve noted the same thing on occasion.

I made some comments early on but I fear there are those they didn’t catch as yet. Also, I’d prefer they document the source of ploidy information. There are certain sources I would tend to trust more than others.

Perhaps Cass will be able to double check entries. I’d prefer an empty ploidy field as opposed to one containing erroneous information. Some of the errors are pretty obvious, like ‘Hiroshima’s Children’.

HMF is an amazing tool for hybridizers and rosarians in general but like all things it is subject to human error. It does keep getting better all the time.

I encourage all users to help support HMF with a donation.

HMF does not display diploid as a default. When the ploidy feature was first added, HMF showed the top of the menu list (which was diploid) as a default, but that was quickly changed for the entire database. Anyone who has not maintained a large database may not realize that data and software are imperfect. The difference between no ploidy and diploid is a single flag. Phantom flags appear with surprising regularity, but please don’t confuse the vicissitudes of electronic data management with misinformation.

HMF is not a service. HMF a rose Wiki accompanied by a large web-based suite of applications developed and sustained by a small group of volunteers. Maintenance of the database definitely falls within the old wisdom that “Everyone else’s job is always easier.” Those willing to share their knowledge can point out errors to someone at HMF. That’s why every page of HMF has a button for reporting errors.

To Cass and All of the Other Volunteers for Help-Me-Find.

I know, and have known for quite some time that Help-Me-Find was maintained by volunteers. I personally know how much work it is to maintain a large date base such as Help-Me-Find’s. I know it is an enormous task, of which there are THOUSANDS of rose enthusiasts (including myself) who are very grateful for the work you and your fellow volunteers do to maintain the site. I use the site on a daily basis. I was merely pointing out my own personal observations regarding the timeframe when the function was instituted. It does appear that I am not alone in my observations.

We all are very gratefull to Cass and all volunteers that maintain and maintained HMF.

An extraordinary and matchless allways evolving achievement.

So usefull that it is definitely, completely indispensable.

I need it all and every day as was obvious when a few monthes ago I had navigator problems that were solved thanks to Cass.

We just have to help them trying for better it.

Boy, sorry I sounded so brittle. I mostly meant to point out that if you can take the time to point out errors on HMF instead of here, they are more likely to get fixed. It’s hit or miss whether I happen to read relevant posts here. It’s also okay to go out on a limb and just point out stuff that doesn’t seem right based on your general impression of what is likely and what is not. I appreciate the expertise of everyone here, which I why I lurk and try to soak it up.