Hips harvested 2006

I’ve processed 379 hips and have 3518 seeds so far. I have about 50 hips left to do. Most of the seeds have come from 15 crosses:

(Mons Tillier X Mutabilis) X Plaisanterie

Plaisanterie X (Mons. Tillier X Mutabilis)

Anytime X (Lilac Charm X Purple Heart)

Anytime X Orangeade

Baby Faurax X Mr. Bluebird

Gemini X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Heirloom X (Lilac Charm X Purple Heart)

Heirloom X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Midnight Blue X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Midnight Blue X Europeana

Midnight Blue X Lavaglut

Orangeade X (Lila Charm X Purple Heart)

Orangeade X Schoener’s Nutkana

mini seedling X (Magenta X Barbara Worl)

mini seedling X Dortmund

What is everyone else harvesting this Fall?

Batch 1-

1-06 Belle Epoque x Rosa primula

2-06 Belle Epoque x Rosa moyesii ‘Geranium’

5-06 Daybreaker x Pretty Lady

6-06 Lagerfeld x Sheer Elegance

7-06 Paddy Stephens x Rosarium Utersen

12-06 Solitaire x Daybreaker

21-06 Gemini x Lagerfeld

54-06 Royal Amethyst x Baby Love

55-06 Rosa rugosa alba x Baby Love

35-06 Lloyd Center Supreme x Sheer Elegance

Batch 2-

13-06 Distant Drums x Ebb Tide

23-06 Jude the Obscure x Purple Heart

25-06 Shocking Blue x Ebb Tide

34-06 Remember Me x Sheer Elegance

37-06 Rennaisance x Ebb Tide

39-06 Scarlet Moss x Rosa rugosa alba

42-06 Orange Velvet x Hot Cocoa

04-06 Carefree Marvel x Shadow Dancer

24-06 Caribbean x Cherry Meililand

8-06 Solitaire x Royal Amethyst

14-06 Solitaire x Candella

Batch 3-

58-06 Belle Epoque x Royal Amethyst/Lagerfeld mix

53-06 Jude the Obscure x Scentimental

43-06 Solitaire x Gold Medal

32-06 Whisper x Pretty Lady

16-06 Whisper x Sheer Elegance

20-06 Opening Night x Hoagy Carmichael

18-06 Sunsprite x Hot Cocoa

64-06 Royal Amethyst x Pretty Lady

22-06 Distant Drums x Lagerfeld

44-06 Solitaire x Shocking Blue

36-06 Kangem x “Dorty”

H.K. (Illusion x George Vancouver) x Basye’s Amphi.

Batch 4-

33-06 Solitaire x Baby Love

49-06 Solitaire x St. Christopher

57-06 Solitaire x Midas Touch

48-06 Solitaire x Brown Velvet

28-06 Sheer Elegance x Lagerfeld

67-06 Easy Going x Pretty Lady

17-06 Whisper x Shocking Blue

29-06 Whisper x Lagerfeld

27-06 Lloyd Center Supreme x Pretty Lady

63-06 American Honor x Pretty Lady

51-06 Solitaire x Tequila Sunrise

52-06 Solitaire x Kathryn McGredy

47-06 Solitaire x Autumn Sunset

W.P. Honorine de Brabant OP

*letter names are not my personal crosses.

** a batch is a set of seedlings harvested, processed and sewn at the same frame of time.

***numbers are not chronological because I reuse # tags from failed cross attempts.

Very little…

(Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphidiploid) X Persian Sunset

Queen Elizabeth X Persian Sunset (quite a lot of seeds for such little amount of pollen… wow, jackpot really…)

Perle d’or X Renae

Coatillion X Gertrude Jeckyll

I’m looking for OPs for my roses such as Queen Elizabeth X 77-361 and Sutter’s Gold X Renae.

This is what has just germinated. I have about 250 unique crosses from about 800 attempts this Spring.

Some of these were attempted because they were there and I was curious as to what I would get. This seed was sown unchilled in August. My more valuable crosses have yet to germinate.

Playtime x Aztec

Cardinal Hume x (Playboy x Bayse’s Legacy)

Loving Touch x Royal Sunset

Elizabeth Taylor x Paul Shirville

Sweet Afton x Casanova

Joycie x Lila Banks

I’ve posted these crosses to HMF so I can study the pedigrees more easily. I will post photos as soon as they flower and note their development.

I haven’t harvest yet, but I will do so very soon. I have mostly used older classic European Kordes, Tantau, McGredy and Poulsen roses, which are easy to get in Denmark:

Westerland x H

My hand pollinated hips for 2006 are given at:

  1. sorted by seed parent:



  1. sorted by pollen parent:


I did not include open pollinated information.

Robert, do you know how I am able to feature my roses on helpmefind.com? Alex never answered back my emails after several times.

I don’t have pics I want to load up now except for one, but it would be nice to know how to upload the roses I have that I think are nifty enough to show off.

This weekend I will harvest:

Aprikola x Abraham Darby (3 hips)

Aprikola x Golden Celebration (5)

Aprikola x Livin’ Easy (2)

Bonica x Livin’ Easy (2)

Gebruder Grimm x Abraham Darby (7)

Graham Thomas x Aprikola (3)

Graham Thomas x Baby Love (2)

Graham Thomas x Gebruder Grimm (4)

Graham Thomas x R. virginiana (2)

Graham Thomas x R. laxa (2)

I did many more crosses but they resulted in only one hip. The ones above are crosses with multiple hips. The total amount should be 66 hips (after 159 pollinations).

In the one-hip category there are some interesting things, like:

Rush x R. souleina

Porcelaine de Chine x R. souleiana

Westerland x (R. virginiana x R. macrophylla)

R. virginiana ‘Harvest Song’ x Abraham Darby

Rugelda x R. laxa

This will probably get me nothing, because of small ‘sample size’, but it’s fun anyway :slight_smile:


Enrique, you can forward the information you want to input to one of the the HMF facilitators and they should be able to help you.

There are several people assisting Steve. If you’d like assistance in making a contact I will try to provide one for you.

Most of my crosses were of seedling X seedling this year, but I made several crosses with the following:

‘Fourth of July’ X ‘Julia Child’

‘Fourth of July’ X {[(‘Lynn Anderson’ X ‘Tournament of Roses’) X ‘Hot Tamale’] X (‘Stainless Steel’ X ‘Baby Love’)}

  • the above pollen parent is a clean yellow shrub

‘Midnight Blue’ X {[(‘Orangeade’ X ‘Abraham Darby’) X ‘Midnight Blue’] X [(‘Stainless Steel’ X ‘Purple Tiger’) X ‘Baby Love’]}

‘Stainless Steel’ X {(‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X [(‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X (‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’)]}

‘Fairhope’ X {(‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X [(‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X (‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’)]}

‘Fairhope’ X {[(‘Lynn Anderson’ X ‘Tournament of Roses’) X ‘Hot Tamale’] X (‘Stainless Steel’ X ‘Baby Love’)}

(‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’) X ‘Julia Child’

(‘Stainless Steel’ X ‘Baby Love’) X ‘Julia Child’

About 1/3 of my crosses involved hulthemias this year. Most were second generation from ‘Tiggle’ and ‘Persian Autumn’.

Enrique, I like your cross of ‘Queen Elizabeth’ X ‘Persian Autumn’. Most will be once bloomers, but you will find some repeat bloomers.

Jim Sproul

Jim, this is the first season that I might have some hip set on ‘Lynn Anderson’ X ‘Tournament of Roses’. It had such a pretty bud the other day I almost snapped a photo. Thanks again for that one. I look forward to seeing what I get from it. Up till now I haven’t had any hips using it at all but I have a feeling this one needs cooler temps to set seed than we get much of the year.

I am amazed at the variety of crosses everyone is doing. We’re certainly not all working on the same thing.

I’ve been considering acquiring ‘Persian Autumn’. I don’t know if I want to deal with mostly once bloomers however. I might wait for something easier to use. Moore certainly put some hard work into these.

My crosses are all harvested and sitting in the fridge. It was a pretty good year crossing wise, the only real disappointment was that William Baffin does not like to accept pollen. It does not have a problem setting hips, but all of my crosses using it as the seed parent aborted.

Here is the list…

Morden Sunrise x Home Run

Morden Sunrise x Purple Heart

Morden Sunrise x Tuscany

Morden Sunrise x William Baffin

Morden Sunrise x Cal Poly

Morden Sunrise x Magic Carrousel

Morden Sunrise x Baby Love

June Laver x Home Run

June Laver x William Baffin

June Laver x Morden Sunrise

June Laver x John Cabot

Folksinger x Home Run

Cal Poly x Home Run

Cal Poly x William Baffin

Cal Poly x John Cabot

Cal Poly x Morden Sunrise

Baby Love x Blue Moon

Baby Love x Morden Sunrise

Loving Touch x A. MacKenzie

Rise ‘n’ Shine x William Baffin

Party Girl x William Baffin

Lambert Closse x Home Run

Gemini x Morden Sunrise

And that is it for this year, Liz

Thanks Robert-- I think I will

Thanks Jim… I was very suprised that Persian Sunset flowered 3 flowers this year and what a beautiful shade of orange and yellow it was… I was about to get Persian Autumn because Sequoia’s websit said it set many hips, but Persian Sunset is suppose to be very fertile according to the website.

But I don’t think it likes its spot because new growth has died. It maybe something with the soil–

Very fertile pollen… I had so litle and I only pollinated:

3 hips of my darby seedling

2 hips on Queen Elizabeth.

But tons of seeds. If I had more flowers I could have done a whole lot more. None the less, I’m satisfied. Tigris has been hard to maintain in my garden. It’s not enjoying it’s rather good spot in the garden.

I wanted to cross Persian Sunset with Golden Angel but it never bloomed in time.

I want to see if I could bring the bright eye into large single petal hybrid teas such as Dainty Bess or Mrs. Oakley Fisher. The eye is truly spectacular on single flower roses. It would look better on bigger flower.

Wow, that’s great to hear that Persian Sunset is so fertile!!! I have ‘Persian Autumn’ and ‘Roses are Red’. They haven’t bloomed very well for me, so I don’t have very much experience crossing with them. I collected a couple op hips from PA and RaR. Each had just a single to few seeds in them. PA is tetraploid and RaR is triploid. I’m inspired to buy ‘Persian Sunset’ now because of your experience Enrique. I just made an order earlier in the week to get ‘Golden Angel’ from Moore because so many others have said good things about it and it has produced some great offspring. Maybe I can call them and get a PS added.


David, if you like–

You can have the seeds of Queen Elizabeth X Persian Sunset.

I already have (Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphidploid) X Persian Sunset and since it’s going to be a “seedling of my seedling”–

I’m more attached to that cross…

I always make really nice and odd crosses such as Secret X LaFollette-- I always get seedlings and they die. Quickly afterwords. So I’m seeing like this–

QE X PS may have a better chance with you.

Plus, in the future you could check ploidy and all that interesting stuff I love to read up. Just do everyone a favor and share whatever info or pics later in the future.

I still have your address I think–

David… I shifted through my emails and did not find your address… mea culpa…

email me your address once more and I’ll send you the QE X PS seeds.

I might as well give you the Heidi X PS seeds too-- I’m more interested with my darby seedling cross because it’s so odd. English rose. Musk. Rugosa. Persica-- Should be interesting.


I’m not sure if the Heidi X PS are actually them… you see the tag got last when I was living in Mexico for month during this summer and I had to guess. I am 80% sure they’re the cross because the hip had no sepals (I removed them) and it looked like the anthers were cleanly removed. I cross only… 6 seeds.

This summer I had worked with only a few roses, among them being:

Hope For Humanity

John Davis

Morden Sunrise


a white and yellow sport of Morden Blush.

… and various seedlings of mine such as ones obtained from Quadra x Winnipeg parks.