Hips but no seed

I collected openly pollinated hips of S

Just Joey does that a lot as well. It will set hips the size of golf balls for me that are extremely firm yet at harvest time they are usually barren. Golden Wings can do that on occasion. That rose produces more pulp than any other rose I know haha.

Susan Louise and Miss All-American Beauty are two more that produce empty hips. Did you get the S

To the list of hips but few seeds, add Secret Garden Musk Climber: many,many hips with single, very large seeds. Germination???

my Treasure trove was giving hips, seeds, and seedlings…

Yeah Jim… I go to Santa Clara, and I jog around the gate during the holidays so that I won’t get any bigger (avoided the eggnog and Christmas cookies during this December as this is the time when I usually gain a few extra pounds). I haven’t seen the roses in bloom during Spring, although there were some very EXCEPTIONAL roses on the gate that were blooming like climbing Pompon de Paris.

I was impressed with the giant hips and recognized it was some gigantea hybrid. I remembered the spot and found out that that it was LaFollette.

Another intresting climber I found is listed as Golden Angel x R. soulieana. Is this a Ralph Moore creation, it has very beautful and tough foilage.