High Country Roses catalog

I just got my High Country Roses catalog in the mail, and I felt like giving them a shout-out here.

Paging through it, I see so many names of roses that have been brought up in this forum. Lots of species roses, Bourbons, Polyanthas, Albas, miniatures. Zone listings (although every zone listing is fallible) help to show the relative hardiness of different varieties.

So fun and tantalizing for a hybridizer.

There’s something about a catalog that is more fun than browsing for things on the internet. Most things on the internet, in my experience, are found by searching for them. I may not have clicked on a “Bourbons” thumbnail on a webpage, but with a paper catalog I’m forced to page by it and can get drawn in by a glance.

Another advantage to a catalog is the roses listed are in stock or were when they printed catalog. I ordered a few roses from Heirloom and more than half the roses on the website were out of stock. I just ordered them this week and I noticed that they raised the price since then already.

Agree I just found and secured Aicha. The “Danish” rose (HS) was not on the web site of a nursery but in the catalogue - old media also works.