Heritage x Wm Baffin x OP seedlings

It’s interesting. All of the (Heritage x William Baffin)x OP seedlings look similar to each other, and different from my other seedlings which tend to be Hybrid Tea/Floribunda/Shrub crosses. These seedlings have a much more delicate look to them, and since they all look the same, I’m assuming they are probably selfs, but I’m curious. Is this growth habit inherited from Heritage or William Baffin?

My seedlings are in an unheated garage so they are growing very slowly. Thus, I am not able to answer your questions at this time.

Ok, thanks Henry. My seedlings are doing beautifully outside in this gorgeous weather we’ve been having here - 85 and sunny. The roses are lovin’ it! Since I took this picture a few days ago, the seedling now has 5 leaves.

I’ll keep you posted on how they do. So far, no signs of mildew.