Here's my picture blog for you all.

Alright here’s my blog showing most of this years seedlings- with some exceptions.

There’s a few rose seedlings in there that I haven’t posted pics anywhere else yet, and I still need to take pics of my azalea seedlings to add to it (although it will be years before first blooms).

I like your Knock Out X Prosperity. Hope something pans out with that one. I’m trying Prosperity X several things, but am not having much hip set.

It’s not a vigorous grower (yet anyways) and may end up with some miniature characteristics. My one Prosperity seedling also appears that it may have miniature traits also. Go figure.

Last year when I tried pollinating Prosperity (with tri & tetraploids), I ended up with very few hips. This year she was planted next to Rugosa, Lady Elsie May, and a Carefree Delight seedling (and I didn’t bother working with her at all) and she is absolutely covered in hips.

Hey the KO x Prosperity is about to have it’s first spray of about five blooms…that’s so kool(floribunda!). It’s growing some. I wanted y’all to see the Hot Cocoa x Oklahoma bloom from today. It’s so cute!

Oh and this yr I count 15 seed hips on Prosperity…that’s doing pretty good.

um, this would be the better link

I love the russet tones of your hot cocoa seedling VERY MUCH!


Enjoyed ALL your pics. A true gardener! Loved the diversity of your seedlings.