HelpMeFind Roses Improvement

There has been what I feel is a significant improvement in the information shown on the HelpMeFind web site that affects all breeders. You can now easily see the percent of blood that comes from any given rose at any given generation. This information is then summarized on a page titled Bloodlines, so you can see every known rose in a roses heritage and the percent of blood that was contributed from that rose. Now if you want to line bred a rose and you need to find another rose with just the right percent of blood to contribute, you can easily do that. Feel free to visit their site at the link below and see what you think. If you like it please contact them and tell them your thoughts so they will continue to make improvements to their site with hybridizers in mind.



John that’s a wonderful addition. I’ve written to them to thank them. And thank YOU, too!

Thanks Judy, I really think if more people let HMF know we appreciate the work they are doing for hybridizers they’ll focus more of their efforts and providing better information for us. Glad you like the changes I think they are great!