Just a reminder–I’d like to have you send me your observations about rose parents, seedlings, methods you have found useful in any stage of the process of breeding roses (whether it has to do with preparing the female parent, collecting and handling the pollen, identifying the crosses so you know what you have at harvest time, encouraging difficult parents to set seed, preventing early drop on some varieties, handling the seeds after harvest, potting the seedlings, etc., etc.

The featured topic this next issue is Maximizing Germination, so naturally I’d like to have short or long pieces on that topic, but I can use any length of piece on any topic–anywhere from 25 words to 5,000 words. As of this minute, I’ve received only ONE article on the featured topic for the next issue.

If you don’t feel that you have any ideas worth sharing about a subject you’re interested in, but you would like to see what others think about that topic, send me a note and we’ll ask for others to share their thoughts. Your question might inspire someone else to write a note or an article about the subject. Remember, this is your newsletter, and your participation is important. Those who ask questions are just as important as those who give answers.

If you’ve given a presentation about hybridizing, send us a note so we can tell others about it. If you’ve attended such a presentation, tell us about it.

If you’ve met a hybridizer (professional or amateur) or have visited one of the large rose nurseries, tell us about it.

If you got a bumper crop of seeds this year, tell us about it. And if you did something different to bring about the bumper crop, tell us about it.

If you tried something different this year in pollination and you got a really rotten crop, tell us about it.

If you got one or several hips on a parent that never set seed for you before, tell us about it–along with your idea about why it happened.

If you know of a cultural practice that encourages the setting of seeds or increases the viability of the seeds you do get, tell us about it.

If you are looking for seeds or plants or budwood of a difficult-to-find species or variety, tell us about it.

If you have seeds or plants or budwood of a difficult-to-find species or variety and are willing to share, tell us about it.

If you have questions about rootstock or budding or grafting, tell us about it. If you are having trouble finding supplies for budding or grafting, tell us about it.

If you’ve read an interesting article that might have something to do with rose hybridizing (even if it’s not specifically about rose hybridizing), tell us about it (and send a copy if you can get it).

In short–tell us about it. Send me news and questions and articles and notes for the newsletter. If you do these things, I promise you the Newsletter will become better, and that will be better for everyone–including you.

By the way, I also accept handwritten or typed submissions on an old-fashioned medium, paper. The address for such submissions is

Peter Harris

541 Anderson Hts Rd

Charleston, WV 25314


In response to your request, I’ve just knocked off a 750 word article for you (and the rest of the members).


Thanks, Paul. I’ll be looking forward to getting it.



How soon do you need this contribution? I think I can put something together for you.


If I have enough material, I’ll try to get it out in the next 10-14 days. I’d like to get the Newsletters back on schedule, and some of the information might be useful to hybridizers at this season.